Friday, June 15, 2018

02:28 AM

Assalamualaikum everyone.
It's almost dawn in here. A quiet night, like always.

A few hours to go Eid Fitr. My first Eid Fitr away from home and family.
Spending the Eid Fitr eve alone in my room with Takbeer video from the youtube.

In this time, I really wanna tell the story of mine about the power du'a.

Whatever is prayed at the time of breaking the fast is granted and never refused. [Tarmidhi]

This Ramadhan, I was having some different experience than Ramadhan i had before.
I learn to tolerate more.
I learn to grate more.
I learn to only ask to Allah when nobody is around.

Scrolling to the social media, I found some dua that other people prayed.

 It was QS Yusuf : 4 and QS Thaha : 39.

She said when we recite the dua, Allah will send us a lovely and nice people around us. And we will look glowing.

i try to recite them, but never expect that Allah will grant my pray in really soon.

At the first time I recite that after doing salah. Somebody greet me with "Assalamualaikum" in a place that Muslims are rare. It was a muslimah in one of Shopping Mall in my town. I was so happy by only received Assalamualaikum. At that time I dont have much muslim friends in here.

After that i met others on the masjid owned my Indonesia government. A nice and heartwarming muslimah. I gained more family.

In the last 10 days of Ramadhan, honestly  I was getting lazier to do ibadah :(
Because of the time for sahoor is end up earlier, and the time for the breakfasting is getting late.
The weather which is getting hotter since it's an early summer.
And tired to stay awake until sahoor time.

Some problems hit me.
Of course I became so confused, and sad. A high level of sad that I cant even cry.
And I was so poor back then I own a very little of money that should be last for a week. Almost impossible to make it.

Then there's a post about dua that will help you to get your rezeki, remember if we talk about rezeki it's not onlyy about money.

It was QS Al- Waqiah. A surah about Qiamat Day and The honour of Al Quran.

I remember My Grandma used to ask me to recite this surah a lot.

At that day I try to tawakkal, and try to be grateful of what i've had.

I opened my refigrators, I saw some of food that can be made and will last for days.
I check my transportation card, there's some balance that could make it for my tranportation to go to work and even there's some spare more.

That day was raining not that heavy but it could soak my entire body if i ride a bycycle. So I decided to walk from my way back to home from school instead of taking a bus. I always have an issue with walking with a flat shoes on. But that day wasn't the other day. I feel so easy to walk that far. Maybe that's from Allah helps.

Once I get home I recieve a call for an interview of another job, and I also get another interview invitation on my email. See? Allah grant my dua in unexpected ways and beyond my expectations.

I dont know how the interview results are. But by giving a chance by Allah it's like you have another key to a door of rezeki. The key might be come to a wrong door, but you know the key will find the match door eventually.

Now, it's an Eid Fitr eve. I'm having a mixed feeling. Beside the joy about this glorious day I also have some things that bother me.
But I remember I have Allah SWT my one and only helpers.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Whoa even I'm feeling thrilled by seeing that title.

Long story short, within 2 years since my last post.
I graduated from Politeknik Negeri Bandung. Officially a diploma of electrical engineering.
I went to a Japanese Automotive Company and work for about 6 months.
And now I'm living in Japan as a Language School student, with Japanese Language as my major and also do part time job.

I'm still considering to post some travel post drafts that has been hibernating in my draft room, some of them even written in the end of 2015, pathetic yes I know.

Okay. Now. Lets. Move.

April 9th 2018, is the day I left Indonesia, planned for 2 years leave without coming back within those times.

Soon as I arrived, Of course I was feeling the Japan Vibes but at some point I didnt feel like I'm home away. I just hope that maybe will be a sign for me, or even from my self to accept this place as my home for the next 2 years or more.

This country, Japan. It's already be a part of me since I was childhood from its cartoon, its children book that my father's boss gave me, and its beautiful scenery captured into my father's company calendars every years.

Back in highschool, as I was schooler, young and full of ambition. I really want to go here to study. But my father didnt allow me unless i get a fully scholarship, hahaha yeah you know beside his reason that i'm still toO young and unstable, of course the financial issues. My family is not a rich blood family but Alhamdulillah we're well off enough.

I didnt get any of scholarship I applied. Ah ya, before applying I went to Japan Edu Fair held by JASSO and MEXT i guess in ITB. I collect the free merchandise from Tohoko, to Waseda. I was so proud the day after that day to bring the goodie bag from Japan University and changed it day by day because i had some back then. hahaha LOL.

Well, enough for the throwback.

I lived my life, Thank God thought none of Scholarship I get. I accepted in national universities without any hassle. It were POLBAN and UNPAD. and I choose Polban over Unpad due to the major. Of course after lot of thought and tears haha.

And then jumped to September 2017. My father's friends tell that his colleague has a Japanese Language School and looking for Indonesia students so there will be much diverisity n that school. I guess.
I applied then, tryingg my luck. In that time I already became a permanent staff in a Japanese company, not soo big company but aint to be ignored too. A long way of birocracy and uncertainty haunted me.

I decided to resign on mid December from my company. A short journey that taught me a lot, both about manufacture industry process to face up humans.

In the end of February, things got cleared. It was a final.

March was the last month I spent fully in Indonesia. Prepared a lot yet still didnt feel like I'm about to leave. Still manage my baby that born in early February I guess @Kanarazu.ID

And here I am now, writing on the last day of Golden Week in my room alone hahaha.

Unfortunately, I dont have any Indonesia friends nearby. I have one, but she's going back to Indonesia on the end of May :(

Friends in my classes also mostly cant speak english, a lot of hassle i went thru in the first 3 weeks. Yet I really grateful because of that's all. I met nice people, and a lot of lesson learned within those times.

Currently i'm surviving in new place and being alone. hahaha.
Please pray for me whoever read this uninteresting blog.

I'm about to write more in here to spend my extra spare time, i'd like to talk to human, 2 way of conversation is really work on me than writing like this. But yeah we know everyone are rotating on their on axis. There will be a time they're busy with their own things so yeah Hello again my blog!



Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pre Last Day of 2015 -- Night Thoughts.

This post will be written in Bahasa, cause i really want the message will be well delivered.

Oke gue tuh pergi ke salah satu minimarket yang dominan warna biru kuning itu loh. Dengan penuh positive vibe karena abis makan seafood malem-malem setelah berbelas belas jam perjalanan dengan kereta MLG - JKT -,-

Berawal dari gue bertanya ke seorang pramuniaga wanita yg nantinya gue singkat PW yaa.

Gue : "mba ada allure ga?"
PW : "apaan tuh?"
G: "tea latte mba"
PW : "oh silet mereknya itu gitu ya mba?"
G : "bukan mba minuman"
PW : "Gatau mba tanya mas nya aja"

Ya gue masih keketawaan aja tuh liat si mba nya ga ngeh sama gue waktu gue ngomong tea latte. Gue nelusurin aja sendiri soalnya pas gue tanya tuh usah di rak minuman tapi i cant find any. Kan kesyel.

Ya gue cari lagi ternyata tuh minuman nyangsang di rak snack. Yowiss yhaa. Mari kita bayar.

Waktu di kasir. Yang lagi tugas kembali si PW tadi lagi. Doi lagi ngeladangin ibu ibu yang belanjaannya semua usah di scan tapi si ibu ibu itu masih liat2 lagi ke rak2. Dengan sabar dan penuh khidmat. Mengingat ingat memori liburan supaya penuh positive vibes. Dan akhirnyaa si ibu itu beres.

Tapi. Meanwhile nunggu si ibu2 tadi masih liat liat produk yang mau di beli udah ada mas mas yang tetiba dateng pengen beli roko. Si PW udah ambilin itu rokok. Tapi belum di scan kan nungguin buibu tadi belanja. Setelah si ibu beres belanja. Ya giliran lah gue dong HARUSNYA?! tapi si PW malah ngeladenin si mas mas tadi.
Setelah si mas mas tadi beres. Datanglah mas 2 yang lsg bilavg beli rokok. Dan si PW itu dengan lugunya mau langsung scan rokok si mas 2. And here ma nature traits came.
Dengan artikulasi yang sangat jelas dan intonasi.
PW : "oh iya iya mba"
Si mas2 cengir cengir.
I mean hellaw! 2k16 was just counting down and you're laughing to your stupidity.
Kemudian si PW ngeladanin gue. Gue nayri2 tulisan klo ga dikasi struk itu gratis.
And she said "kan sebelumbya sudah dibilangin mba"

Lha si PW itu bilang struk abis ke bu ibu tadi. Bukan ke gue. Gue ga budek emang. But still it's my right to be told. apalagi dapet struknya itu hak gue banget yang hakiki.

Gue bukannya ga toleran atau gimana.
I could be tolerrant at my best if you did your best too.
Gimana coba kalau gue itu belanja buat office needs. Yang mana harus tercatat bukti buktinya. 

Terus yang mas2 itu cekikian gue gakaan marah kalau yang dateng not well dressed kaya doi. Klo yang dateng bajunya berantakan or somewhat. Gue bakal bisa lebih tolerir. Karena gue pikir mungkin itu orang ga sekolah. Ini tuh si mas2 pake office suit loh.
I'm sorry for you if you still working on Dec 30th. But please mind your own bussiness.

Gue bingung deh sama orang yang ngelakuin hal salah tapi shameless gitu.
I know those are lil things and such an easy peasy yah tapi tetep aja that's BOTHERED ME!

Coba deh mempersiapkan MEA tuh dimulai dari hal kecil. Gausag gembar gembor ketakutan deh. Lo harusnya seneng kan bisa dapet kesempatan kerja di luar negeri. DAN KALAU YANG LO TAKUTIN tuh orang luar bakal menuh-menuhin lapangan pekerjaan di Indonesia benerin tuh manner lo. Belajar deh dari hal kecil like

1. Mengantri.
I've read an article somewhere kalau di thai/jepang yah. Parents will be relieved kalau liat anak anak nya NGERTI how to queue. Karena banyak banget hikmah yang bisa dipetik. Kaya lo bakal bisa ngatur waktu lo supaya ga antri lama. Belajar sabar. Dan tertib.

2.  Jangan buang sampah sembarangan!
Di satu siang yang terik di jembatan pasupati  dav MACET panjang gara gara pasar seni ITB ada orang yang buang sampah dari mobilnya. And it's a damn new car! Kok bisa sih dia buang sampa sembarang dengan santai dimana di sampingnya ada motor berjejer yang ngeliatin dia. Pengen banget gue corat coret tuh mobil biar mikir.
I know it such a laaame prashes. But once you littering, it showed your trashy side!

my grandpa was an army so he's very strict. Dan nyokap pun jadinua sangat disiplin. Kalau gue uda terlambat ga ada ampun deh. Tapi bener loh itu jadi kepake sama gue. Setiap janjian jam beraya gue hampir selalu on time. Dan gue pernah shock ketika ada kumpul2 di kampus yang dateng telatnya ya alloh ga kira kira 2 jam.  Kenapa sih hobi amat telat? Emangnya enak lo dtg ke acara apa rusuh rusuh gara gara lo telat. Enakan juga lo dateng dari pagi santai.

apalagi ya? Bingung gue juga saking suka menganganya mulut gue ketika ketemu sama airhead people yang ngelakuin tiga hal diatas.

Udah. Ah. Intinya. Never forget little things like that. Karena itu PENTING banget. Ini masalah karakter lo kaya gimana.

Ditulis 4 hari setelah kejadian bair ga terlalu emosi. Da tapi tetep bete. Kesyel.


Monday, November 16, 2015

BLAST Malaysia & S'pore Trip 2014! Day 4

Assalamuaalaikum Yeay finally it's DAY 4! Closer to the end of the journeyyyy....
Soo, lemme spill it out guys!

We had our breakfast earlier than usual, and got morning call from our tour leaders to get prepare hurriedly.
So we got our breakfast with lil rain outside :( After our tummies were fed up, we went to JOHOR BARU! Yeah you know we were heading to LEGOLAND!!! [Pathetically the best wast placed in the last, well they said SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST :( :) ]
The journey to Johor Baru from KL approximately 4 hours with 1 stop. so  i was just sleep, while doraemon the movie was being played.

Anyway, talkin about 4 hours trip, i thanked Alloh, Alhamdulillah for the super comfy bus. You know the bus tragedy on the second day, rite? After that and along the 3rd Day, we were given a bus that was driven by an India Man. I didnt mind at all about him, cause he was being nice along the trip. But since burned a Dupa (Sesaji Orang India tea ninga) wasnt our culture, so i wasnt used to smell that kind of smell. and it was making me, and my sis a lilbit despressed.

 BUT ON THE DAY 4! There's no more that Smell, the bus was mooooore spacious than before, and the seat was more available.

Ma Familia pict! Geez it's kinda annoying when the pict was shown with black rounded. My Dad was just so in love with his new wide lens on his SLR :(

And finally we arrived in LEGOLAND. We took some touristic pictures before had a fancy lunch in the mall in front of The main gate.
Our lunch that was served from Dwidaya Tour in a duck porridge restaurant. It's chinesse food but no worry it's HALAL. Yeayayyy! The food was so deliz!

The taste and the menu are similiar with Ta'Wan Porridge and Roasted Duck Resto in PVJ Bandung. eh tapi Ta'Wan ada dibeberap a mall di indo sih, kalau ga salah taman anggrek ada. metropolitan bekasi juga.

Rite before lunch!
Well on our last lunch provided by The travel agent, My Family got the same table with Hanin and her family. They're a family from Kalimantan. They were the only moeslim family beside my family. and we got along so well! yippie...

Mom, Dad and Naira rite before we entered the gate afterr lunchie.

the first Lego creature we took photo with, haha This Sleepy oldman also Snore so loud!
Miniland is the heart of Legoland, trully we really enjoyed to stroll along the miniland... 
All the miniatures in Legoland are represented all landmark of ASEAN countries.
And lucky us the weather is pretty nice. It was not so shiny, a lil bit cloudy and windy.


Clarke Quay for S'pore.


Nai With Mr Einstein.

Okay! we left the legoland approximately on 4 pm Malaysian Time.and we were goin to S'pore by Bus!
the trip time was so short, even it spent more time from KL to Johor Baru than from Johor Baru to Spore.

Our Bus's first stop was BANGUNAN SULTAN ISKANDAR MUDA, it was Malaysia Immigration in Johor Baru. Get ur passport on your hand ya guys!
We got the stamp as we leave Malaysia, and then the journey continued, the bus went along a long bridge, until we arrive at Woodlands--Singapore Immigration

I dont really remember what i did along the immigration in Johor nor Woodlands, because everything was handled by the travel agency, all i did was only taking my passport -->Queing nicely -->and got stamped! 

Nah, for anyone who will bring kiddos under 17 years old, the kids should be accompanied while getting the stamp. and maybe the parents or guardian would be asked some question about the kiddos.

 i was officially 19 backthen, so i get stamped alone while my dad taking care of my sis Shafira, and my mom taking care of my lil sis Naira.

The officer in Johor Baru nor in Woodlands were not friendly at all. ahaahaha.. but i dont mind since i will enjoy the trip instead.

We arrived in Ibis Novena Hotel around 7pm. the room is much smaller than the room i had in KL.

This is what my room looks. Image take from here

The view is only the hotel next to our buildings and the roads :( 
There's nothing much to explore around Novena, or maybe it was just me ?

Novena i thought it was the medical centre in S'pore. there is A LOT HUGE Hospitals in that area, one of them is the most familiar Mount Elizabeth Hospitals. 

The review for this hotel room are
 (-) The room is so tiny!
 (-) No Mineral bottle for free, for waters you just cant get it directly from ur wastafel.
 (-) The resto is quite small, so sometimes we need to queue to get breakfast for any longer.
 (+)  Three Stars Hotel.
 (+) There's free drinks compliments like coffee, tea, and sugar.
 (+) Nice Staff, and super clean.

After we pray maghrib we went to Orchard to get dinner! Yeay! We reached orchard by MRT. the MRT station in Novena is placed in Novena Square. you can go down directly by escalator right next to Ren Ci Hospital. CMIIW.

It was only two stops from Novena (NS 20) and it's on the same line. the Red Line--North South Line.
Purchasing General MRT Tickets

No one of us has EZ Link Card, so we purchase the general MRT Tickets. The ticket is an usual thick paper  that also could be used for several times. 

The machine is easy to use, first just choose the the station where you are, the choose the destination station, and the amount of the tickets.
Insert the money as your credit. Then the tickets will come out one by one, and so does the changes will be given in coins.

So that night we only spent our time to stroll around the Orchard and having NASI PADANG for LYFEEE! in ION foodcourt.

aha! we ate the famousssss uncle blqa bla (uncle who sih ya lupa ) 's ice cream.


PS: We'll continue to write diz post but seems like this post will be goin too old on my draft so lemme just post it yaaaaa. heuehu

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

BLAST Malaysia & S'pore Trip 2014! Day 3

Assalamualaikum everyone..
Actually im bit lazy to review the 3rd day activities, because it was kinda boring.

Well let's spill it out...

First, we got up early and having breakfast in the hotel.
The Breakfast buffet was pretty good. But i think it was too much to serve RENDANG in the morning--actually Rendang is a dish from Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia--It'sa meat cooked with Coconut Milk and Herbs and Spices. But thanks God the rice is normal no more Nasi Lemak. 
But do not worry ROYAL KL did serve such american breakfast, and french toast.

Next the first stop it was Sunway Pyramid Mall it's a big mall betewe just like Grand Indonesia but with Egyptian Interior nithing Special sih. BUT there was a lil bit funny story out there,
Rite after we got one round strolling one floor haha, anyway I was accompanied by MOOZA RED from TUSK BAG. it was so spacious and fit my travel activities.
My dad also got his turn. HAHAHAHA... <3 br="">
So as we know mostly Malaysian speak engloish beside speak Melayu rite, but it was so haaaardddd to talk in english with the waiters in one of Resto. and it was like i got to tell him about World War III just to asked them one more lil plate :( kinda pathetic sorry if i being too much.
Nah, i went to the DAISO too in there. The price was lil bit less than Indonesia price, in indonesia we got to spend--approx--Rp.22000 per item, but out there we only got to spend Rp15.000 or 19.000 ya? Ugh sorry my bad i dont remember it well.
Next we were dropped in I-City Shah Alam. There's no fee to enter this theme park. the charges will only be charged if you take a ride.
Well, I-City is actually a complex of stores that re-decorated to become a theme park.

There's tricky eye museum,  I dont remember the entrance fee. the owner said that all the paints were imported from South Korea. The museum isnt that big, but so far it's pretty entertaining to heal the boredom in I-City :(

We ended the trip in I-City with a bowl of shaved ice. 

On our way back home we visited a choco factory which i forget its name, wait im gonna google it..Oh yea it was Beryl's chocolate kingdom. they said it was one of the best chocolate in the world. But My tongue just will love MONGGO'S FINE DARK CHOCOLATE that Beryl's Chocolate.[FYI, Monggo Chocolate is Indonesian Chocolate]. by the way the recommended chocs from this store was 

  •          Tiramisu Choc, it looks like almond. actually it was almond cover up with white choc, and toppeed up with dark choc. First bite it was sooooo bitter, and it turns to sweeettt! 
  •           Dark Chocs 70% it's goood for your heart, for whoever who got heart disease.

We were heading back to hotel, and get rested.
After pray Magrib, we went for strolling around Bukit Bintang area, and we ended bought some chocs (again) and some tourist stuff. mwehehehe...
For dinner we choose McD for tonite instead of KFC cause of i didnt like KFC rice which is Nasi Lemak. I was craving for plain white rice.
McD dont have rice, so we went to french fries YEAY! VIVA LA POTATOOOO.
My sisters and my mom had a splendid shopping rite there, my sister got Korean Edgy Style Bag, while my lil sister got 2 neck pillows, which is feel more comfy that with our already had one. And my mom, since she was in much pain wearing one shoulder bag, so she went to Polo creamy backpack that was bought in the first Parkson Outlet, which is located in Sungai Weng.

Finish our dinner in hotel room, we hit the bed late, cause we got the packing up all, cause the next day, we're gonna leave KL.


wait for my next mummmering rite! ciao fellaaa....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Too bad cause the 3rd days there was any special event and we just ended up shopping there's no moro pics unless pic ive put in this post.                                                

Thursday, May 28, 2015

BLAST Malaysia & S'pore Trip 2014! Day 2

Assalamualaikum! I'm back.. hihihi i want to end this review soon, emang gabakat jadi  travel writter.
Udah 3 kali ke Bali dari dulu juga gada satu pun yang saya buat review. Pulau Seribu, Solo, Yogya trips are also just written in my mind ehehehe.

Back to the Day 2, after we had buffet breakfast dengan pilihan menu yang ngga sebanyak buffet dinner, daaaaannnn...... pagi-pagi udah disuguhi rendang. emang melayu abis deh menu nya. tapi ada juga kok sereals or french toast for western tourists.

ini pemandangan dari lantai gatau lantai berapa lupa, ehehe!

the fog! 
next check out dna kembali naik Cable Car another stiff 15 minutes moment! Selanjutnya kita ke BATU CAVES! (CMIIW) eh iya kan namanya itu, JSYK My lack at rememorizing ehehehe..

Nah, sempet ada kejadian ga enak nih jadi bis dari tour waktu itu koplingnya rusak, gatau deh pokoknya sampe di jok supirr itu berasap, and it was super duper bad smell. make it worse kita semua turun dan jalan kaki ke BATU CAVES, emang udah deket banget sih cuman jalan di kolong jembatan layang yang macet dan kumuh itu begimana gituu.. hehehe.

Balik ke cerita yaa....
Kalau mau ke gua nya kita harus naik anak tangga yang masya alloh banyak banget dan udara hari itu panas gila! Jadi yaa hapunten we yah! duh roaming bahasanya, maksud saya ya makasi aja deh bang mening saya ngasi makan burung-burung merpati terus nangkring di toko india beli teh tarik.
Hih ya terus mulai beli souvenir juga. Penjualnya orang bangladesh apa pakistan gitu, but they speak english and bahasa well! and the prices is so good! even though in such tourism area.
memandang dari bawah juga cukup kok! kan saya juga gakan berdoa diatas nanti.

Istana Negara Sultan Malaysia, duh gatau nama lengkapnya apa pokoknya itu deh, selain bis gue juga banyak bis lain yang berkunjung disini, but unfortunately, Rain was pouring down and so hard! jadi ya kita nunggu di bis, kemudian ga lama hujan berenti, so we have short walk in front of the palace.

There's a lot western tourist too took a pictures here. i dont know that they're really interest to the palace or it's just accidentally because mostly western tourist take a city tour by KL HOP ON HOP BUS--the two stories bus. This bus not only take you to have city tour, but this bus also travel from KL to Spore!

ma familia picture! sumpeh silauu banget pas difoto meskipun mendung (?)

KL TOWER! was the next stop on our city tour. when we arrived there, we directly queue on group visitors line. that day there was a wedding held in the sky resto--hehe i dont remember the resto's name. Actually on KL Tower itself there's some places to visit like aquarium, theaters or something else AGAINN i dont remember and moreover because i only went to the obsevartory deck.

To get the observ deck, we took the lift. the lift size isnt that big it fits for almost 20 peops. Its speed is also quick about in minutes we reach the observ deck.

yeay! after short city tour we checked in to the Hotel it was HOTEL ROYAL KUALA LUMPUR in Bukit Bintang the shopping area. my hotel is right next to Park Royal Hotel. it just took minutes to the shopping places, such Bukit Bintang, Sungai Wei (?)--CMIIW. HnM Forever21 is around the place, the junction was crowded and surrounded by Malls. a good place for you fashionista, but nothing special.

oh the night we went nowhere because of the bad weather, just stay in our room and having KFC as dinner. Btw the rice in KFC there is Nasi Lemak or known as Nasi Uduk in Indonesia, for you who dont know, it is a rice that cooked with coconut milk. I wasnt into it, i want a normal rice :(


First, the Lobby is not that spacious, only there's few couples of chair, maybe they thought that this hotels was designed for such sophaholic or bussiness man that only need a bed to crash on the night.
The Room is Huge!!! Compared to my room in Genting maybe it was double size. (Since i believe that it was cost the same or similiar with my room in Genting)
The Bed Size is Queen Size, so thats really enough for me and my sisters,it was facing the TWIN TOWERS! Yippie such a good scenery. 

Unfortunately i took picture in Snapchat so i didnt save anything.the image taken from here

(-) Four Stars

(+) There's TV CABLE! and the channels was complete enough.
(+) The Bathroom! It's really huge, there's no BATHTUBE and instead of showers. There's water heater of course, i dont know maybe because it was raining season or maybe the weather is usually that cold.
(+) There's flatiron and so does with the table.
(+) HairDryer for the sake of rambut ketje so does hijab ketje!
(+) 2 bottle of mineral waters per day.

(-) It's old hotel, so the interior lil bit too way classy.

Enough for today post, wkkwkw wish me could end this review any soooon!!!



Saturday, April 4, 2015

BLAST Malaysia & S'pore Trip 2014! Day 1

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Yeay finally! HOLIDAY. After a really tough days in 2014. Akhirnya saya dan sekeluarga bisa liburan bareng yang lumayan jauh. Terakhir liburan bareng dan jauh itu juga year end trip 2012, di Bali. Dan selama 2013 kita ga berkesempatan liburan yang jauh bareng, karena pada akhir taun mama papa umroh dan saya sih di tahun 2013 lagi sibuk – sibuknya dalam zona sophomore!

Okay back to the story..
This trip was arranged in early October. so my family minus me, went to the shopping mall in Bandung where there was a holiday fair. So, my family chose the 6D 5N trip to Malaysia and Singapore.
Since this is my first overseas trip so I just hurried to get my first passport, and my passport story is on the previous post.

The trip began on Dec 27th 2014…

We got a morning flight with Garuda, approximately on 09:45. I don’t really remember. But since I lived in sidetown a.k.a Cikarang, Bekasi so we went to the airport in early morning. It’s about 3AM or 3.30AM WE WENT TO THE AIRPORT! Dad parked our car for the next 6 Days on SHIA. 
The weather that morning was gloomy with a little rain.
The flight went well, and  minutes after the take off was end, the weather just goin so nice! Yeay! For almost 2 hours flight, I didn’t sleep at all, tumben banget kan tukang pelor kaya saya. 
It was all because the on board entertainment from Garuda is good! The Meal on Board also good! Hehehe, but the dessert was fruits, I did expect for the cake, wkwkw dasar ya maruks!
We arrive on the KLIA around 12AM, or 1PM Malaysia Time. Okay I should admit that KLIA looks more modern and clean than SHIA. 
Maybe because of the bright colours like white and silver. When I was takin my baggage something bad happened just like my sister luggage tag—the Hello Kitty Luggage tag from the Alfamart, that is pretty cute—was gone! Somebody must be took it,  either in SHIA or KLIA after that we went to town, it took 1 hour to reach Kuala Lumpur Center Town. 
We got there by a bus. There’s  almost 5 family, it was about 25 people on board with one local guide named, Mr Alan. And guide from the travel Dwidaya Tour Ms Anita.

Yes i know it's so lame to take a travel tour packet from travel agent just to spend some nights in Malayysia and Spore, but since my family didnt have much time to prep some 
( or maybe A LOT ) things by our self for the trips, so the travel packet is best choice to make t more efficient, both money and time.

The trip to the KL from the airport went well, no traffic jam, maybe because the amount of cars is not that much if compared to Jakarta. I saw an ope container contains a lot of NEW Motorcycle, which is the model was so LAME and OLD. You know ASTREA atau bektu alias bebek tua :( In this part Indonesia is better! We got better motorcycle! YEAY!

First stop is chinesse halal restaurant. Mr Alan told us that in Malaysia, Melayu Restaurant rarely want to accept a group tour like us to have a lunch, so most of restaurant that will accept a group tour is Chinesse Restaurant, but this is Chinesse Restaurant is HALAL so no doubt!

I bet the owner was moeslem, because there’s a Calligraph of ALLAH SWT and Nabi Muhammad SAW. The food was extremely a lot! So the 25 people on the group divided for 4 table. In every table was served a lot of chinesse food that FITS my tongue WELL! Ehhehhee.

After having lunch I just realized that workers mostly Indonesia Woman I just fel bad for them :( Kasian mereka di Malaysia, I pray for them for having a blissful and joy in Malaysia! Aamiin ya rabb.

After we had lunch we went to Genting. Resort World Genting Highlands
This Resort World Developer is same with the Resort World in Sentosa Islands Spore!
The bus stops on 1000m height from the sea level. We continued our journey with a cable car! OMAIGAAT maaak mau pulang aja daripada naik beginian :"(

bisa diliat kan sampe ujung yang berkabut disaa dan itu masih jauuuhhh.
Pic taken by my Dad on the way back.

To ride this cable car we couldn’t bring all of our luggages. 
So we deposit our luggages in the first terminal before taka a ride with te cable car. 
Each of us took a backpack. Mom took a small luggage for hers, dad’s, and my lil sister clothes for the next morning. BECAUSE we only spend a night in Genting.
OH MY GODNESS! Cable car nya tinggi banget! Lebih tinggi daripada Gondola di Ancol! 
And under the cable car was A FOREST! NO IT WAS A JUNGLE. Sumatera’s jungle! 
Karena emang totally hutan antah berantah yang katanya sih masih ada gajah harimau dan lain-lain masih ada jurang tjoyyy! The ride took 15mins approximately. But it felt like years to me! Sumpah lemes di dalemnya. Dan cable carnya sendiri ngga datar kaya biasanya, tapi nanjaaaaaak teruss dan beberapa kali turunan panjang, tapi kebanyakan nanjak. Karena dari titik keberangkatan kita akan naik 1000 meter lagi ke hotel di bukti seberang sana.
Sampai di pemberentian terakhir sujud sukuuuuuur banget! Oh ya kita juga sempet nebus foto yang difotoin pas di awal keberangkatan! And it was so expansive!!!!! For one frame photo it was almost cost 250rb or 350rb lupa deh.
Begitu sampe di spot terakhir gedung kita lansung jalan menuju lobby hotel 

First World Hotel di lantai berapa gitu soalnya pusing cyiin kan itu ada beberapa tower yang menyatu, terus ada shopping places nya ada mini indoor theme park gitu. Mall nyatu dengan hotel, dan total kamar hotelnya 1000 lebih tjoy!
But unlucky us the outdoor themepark was on under reconstruction. 
My rooms was a really small room with twin bed.

The review of my hotel room in FIRST WORLD HOTEL
The twin bed is comfy enough, eventhough THERE’S NO SPACE between the beds! Nyatu aja udah kaya queen size bed lah.
-      NO SHOWER KIT! Buy your own yaa. Gada sikat gigi gratis kaya biasanya meskipun ini hotel bintang 5. Tapi kayanya ini kelas yang murahnya :( dianta 1000 sekian kamar.
-      No AC. But the weather is extremely colds so it’s okay we wont need one!
-      Hairdryer! Too bad I don’t remember there’s a hairdryer or not. But thanks god there’s still water heater! And choices of coffee or tea.

After taking a shower and relaxing for a while, secara dari jam 3 pagi gitu kaan udah siap sedia mau jalan jalan kita caws! Makan malem di buffet restaurant hotel. 
The food was so good! Mehehe secara buffet dinner! Menunya variatif banget dan enak. Hihihihi…
Mamah Papap were enjoying the fruits as dessert

Abis itu kita window shopping di shopping groundnya, udah terus liat – liat gitu deh ada atraksi bule bikin figures dari balon. Tapi aslinya I WAS SO PARANOID! The tour guide says that di genting banyak penghipnotis so you better walk in group, at least 3 person.
Terus kan disana ada banyak bule yang lagi teller gitu kayanya abis mabok, soalnya jalannya oleng dan sendirian matanya merah. My eyes on him! Ngawasin abnet takut tetiba ngamuk di keramaian. Sisi Malaysia di genting bener bener beda, banyak bule dan aga sedikit bebas mungkin karena ada Casino.
Ohya kalau mau masuk casino bring your passport and ID card, and you should be 21yrs old or older. NO CAMERA! Everythings in casino is secret! A gue sih cuman foto di depannya aja!
Oh ya harga untuk barang-barang di genting is way more expansive than in KL. Tokonya bervariasi mulai dari outlet adidas, nike sampe butik mini gitu. 
Klo yang kayanya bener-bener shopping till I die di genting itu biasanya orang-orang Arab gitu they could bring at least 3 boxes of nike per person.
We end up our window shopping by watching the dance show, and end up hit the bed around 9PM.

Eh iya sebelum tidur gue nonton dulu deng siaran Malaysia gitu. And I just realized something…
so lemme ask you (ask who? Ada yang baca emangnya?)
How do you say amount?
Yes like that Malaysian say so, but they write it in Malaysian language as amon amon or amoun amoun. So they prounounce it like English but write it in Malaysian…
Goodbye! Gonna tell ya later bout the next days! I’m not good at rememorizing hihihi!

Air kiss,


PS: I write this on-my-gabut-holiday! And college will hit me again in less than 2 weeks! Aih I’m freakin out!
PSS: Nyatanya baru di posting sekarang udah 1 bulan kuliah lagi.