Monday, October 10, 2011

it's october 2011

Hey goodnight by the way! It's 20:59 already! Hehehe!
Well, I'm doing my homework now! But remember I've an
unlimited internet blackberry internet service, so why don't I post something!

Skip that!

Well it's OCTOBER! Just like the title! Hmm my month! Hmm in this year october started so bad! Errrr but I hope it's getting better day by day!

Hmm sometimes I feel some deja vu this year! Yeah something like happen twice to me! This October and last October!
Hahaha I think about what I did last October!

Dreaming about him(boy that live soooo far...faar...faaaaaaar away from me now) hahhaha, I was so childish!

Udah ah! Belajar dulu besok UTS matematika!