Monday, November 16, 2015

BLAST Malaysia & S'pore Trip 2014! Day 4

Assalamuaalaikum Yeay finally it's DAY 4! Closer to the end of the journeyyyy....
Soo, lemme spill it out guys!

We had our breakfast earlier than usual, and got morning call from our tour leaders to get prepare hurriedly.
So we got our breakfast with lil rain outside :( After our tummies were fed up, we went to JOHOR BARU! Yeah you know we were heading to LEGOLAND!!! [Pathetically the best wast placed in the last, well they said SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST :( :) ]
The journey to Johor Baru from KL approximately 4 hours with 1 stop. so  i was just sleep, while doraemon the movie was being played.

Anyway, talkin about 4 hours trip, i thanked Alloh, Alhamdulillah for the super comfy bus. You know the bus tragedy on the second day, rite? After that and along the 3rd Day, we were given a bus that was driven by an India Man. I didnt mind at all about him, cause he was being nice along the trip. But since burned a Dupa (Sesaji Orang India tea ninga) wasnt our culture, so i wasnt used to smell that kind of smell. and it was making me, and my sis a lilbit despressed.

 BUT ON THE DAY 4! There's no more that Smell, the bus was mooooore spacious than before, and the seat was more available.

Ma Familia pict! Geez it's kinda annoying when the pict was shown with black rounded. My Dad was just so in love with his new wide lens on his SLR :(

And finally we arrived in LEGOLAND. We took some touristic pictures before had a fancy lunch in the mall in front of The main gate.
Our lunch that was served from Dwidaya Tour in a duck porridge restaurant. It's chinesse food but no worry it's HALAL. Yeayayyy! The food was so deliz!

The taste and the menu are similiar with Ta'Wan Porridge and Roasted Duck Resto in PVJ Bandung. eh tapi Ta'Wan ada dibeberap a mall di indo sih, kalau ga salah taman anggrek ada. metropolitan bekasi juga.

Rite before lunch!
Well on our last lunch provided by The travel agent, My Family got the same table with Hanin and her family. They're a family from Kalimantan. They were the only moeslim family beside my family. and we got along so well! yippie...

Mom, Dad and Naira rite before we entered the gate afterr lunchie.

the first Lego creature we took photo with, haha This Sleepy oldman also Snore so loud!
Miniland is the heart of Legoland, trully we really enjoyed to stroll along the miniland... 
All the miniatures in Legoland are represented all landmark of ASEAN countries.
And lucky us the weather is pretty nice. It was not so shiny, a lil bit cloudy and windy.


Clarke Quay for S'pore.


Nai With Mr Einstein.

Okay! we left the legoland approximately on 4 pm Malaysian Time.and we were goin to S'pore by Bus!
the trip time was so short, even it spent more time from KL to Johor Baru than from Johor Baru to Spore.

Our Bus's first stop was BANGUNAN SULTAN ISKANDAR MUDA, it was Malaysia Immigration in Johor Baru. Get ur passport on your hand ya guys!
We got the stamp as we leave Malaysia, and then the journey continued, the bus went along a long bridge, until we arrive at Woodlands--Singapore Immigration

I dont really remember what i did along the immigration in Johor nor Woodlands, because everything was handled by the travel agency, all i did was only taking my passport -->Queing nicely -->and got stamped! 

Nah, for anyone who will bring kiddos under 17 years old, the kids should be accompanied while getting the stamp. and maybe the parents or guardian would be asked some question about the kiddos.

 i was officially 19 backthen, so i get stamped alone while my dad taking care of my sis Shafira, and my mom taking care of my lil sis Naira.

The officer in Johor Baru nor in Woodlands were not friendly at all. ahaahaha.. but i dont mind since i will enjoy the trip instead.

We arrived in Ibis Novena Hotel around 7pm. the room is much smaller than the room i had in KL.

This is what my room looks. Image take from here

The view is only the hotel next to our buildings and the roads :( 
There's nothing much to explore around Novena, or maybe it was just me ?

Novena i thought it was the medical centre in S'pore. there is A LOT HUGE Hospitals in that area, one of them is the most familiar Mount Elizabeth Hospitals. 

The review for this hotel room are
 (-) The room is so tiny!
 (-) No Mineral bottle for free, for waters you just cant get it directly from ur wastafel.
 (-) The resto is quite small, so sometimes we need to queue to get breakfast for any longer.
 (+)  Three Stars Hotel.
 (+) There's free drinks compliments like coffee, tea, and sugar.
 (+) Nice Staff, and super clean.

After we pray maghrib we went to Orchard to get dinner! Yeay! We reached orchard by MRT. the MRT station in Novena is placed in Novena Square. you can go down directly by escalator right next to Ren Ci Hospital. CMIIW.

It was only two stops from Novena (NS 20) and it's on the same line. the Red Line--North South Line.
Purchasing General MRT Tickets

No one of us has EZ Link Card, so we purchase the general MRT Tickets. The ticket is an usual thick paper  that also could be used for several times. 

The machine is easy to use, first just choose the the station where you are, the choose the destination station, and the amount of the tickets.
Insert the money as your credit. Then the tickets will come out one by one, and so does the changes will be given in coins.

So that night we only spent our time to stroll around the Orchard and having NASI PADANG for LYFEEE! in ION foodcourt.

aha! we ate the famousssss uncle blqa bla (uncle who sih ya lupa ) 's ice cream.


PS: We'll continue to write diz post but seems like this post will be goin too old on my draft so lemme just post it yaaaaa. heuehu