Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Haven't Told Yet.

Hallo! Assalamualaikum.

It's March! Woaah. Well, along the time i never post any post with "My Personal Life" tag a lot of things happened to me, and i just haven't told it yet to this blog. Yeah you know, I'm not a good person to manage time goodly.
So, I had registered for SNMPTN (National selection for university entrance), And I just chose some major--that, truly so not into me. But, i still have some hope with the major i chose. I hope that one of them can be matched with me, at least for having such a safe zone.

I do--still in progress--for applying a scholarship in Japan, actually its chance is really small, because from 432 participant ONLY 2 will be accepted, But NOTHING TO LOSE! :)

Ah ya! On December I try to apply form in one of University in PMDK way (No test), And Alhamdulillah I accepted in Industrial Engineering, Alhamdulillah. But guys can you imagine? a person like ME! will be am Industrial Engineering University Student hehe, though I know that Industrial Engineering is not too ENGINEERING(I mean ot realaly hard as a Civil Engineering or other engineering major).

Next week, I'm gonna have a SCHOOL FINAL TEST, I hope the best that i can do later is the best result. Amin.

Talk about school: Check! So, now I'm gonna tell you NEW life-experienced.
Today, I went to the most famous flea market in Bandung, Pasar Cimol Gedebage. The place was so crowded, and dark (because it's indoor) And all the product is so cheap, BUT you have to dilligent to find the best one. I mean, it's a secondhand things, so you should check it well, because maybe there's a small torn. Jeans, T-shirt, Jacket, are sold in here, the product came from anycountries, That's why i saw a BOY SCOUT OF KOREA JACKET! haha I want to but, i wasnt that silly to make that choice, so I wasnt buy it haha.

Well, enough for sudden blabbering. All love.God Bless.