Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blogging and Blogwalkin!

It's about yesterday night! July 28th,2012. After having A SUPERB and long day, while I was fasting (and plus the super hot weather in Bandung) and having Tarawih Pray until about 8 PM. I felt so tired, but since yesterday was Saturday Night, and I had nothing to do, so I took two textbook, It was Mathematics and Chemistry--Big  Thanks to Erza who bought it for me--to cover it with plastic, i also took my Laptop and one of book that i took it randomly from the rack. And it was SeoulVivor. Trully, i read it for a long time ago, but i didnt know why, i wanted to read it again hehe. So I read it again, and i began to read it from the first page, even the foreword. But, i fell sleep just in minutes.

I woke up for seconds in about 2AM, and i just realized that i sleep in the family room, with a thin bed, and my body covered by favorite blanket, Blue-lel one! (Yeah it's blue and belel already, haha) then i fell sleep again. 
In about 4:20 PM , My Grandma woke me up, but my eyes felt so heavy to open it, yeah i was soo tired with what I've done in Saturday. Himdeulge (Halah, masih aja sok sok an pake Hanmal, Nihon muth!)
So i had sahur quickly i just need a lot a lot a lot of glass of water, and pieces of Chicken with Tomato sauces.Then i prayed Subhuh, after it I continued to read the SeoulVivor even if i've done read it before.
But i fell sleep again hahahhahahahahahaha.

I woke up, and then clean up my room, and read Seoulvivor, but in that moment, i try to google Seoul Map, yeah I just want to try to read it, to know How to get somewhere from somewhere by Subway (Kind of Metro in Paris), and I tried the first challenge (It written in book, so I just followed it and find the right station). In first tryin i tried the route

Hongik University (Line 2)--> transfer at Chungjongno --> Gwanghamun (Line 1)

I try to find it using google maps, but it took a long time enough to zoom it until we found the station name, so I found the second option. SEOUL SUBWAY MAP. WOW! it was great than ever, i tried it and I found that...........................Maybe i got Disoriented (such a syndrome when someone can't read the maps and miss understanding about direction) and other things that made me shocked is the writer is Indonesian who live in Seoul. She posted the link of that maps in her multiply, because i love to appreciate people which bloggin and share their experience (especially experience of living in others country), so I read her blog. (It was my first multiply blogwalkin) and thankyou for Tante/Mba Vina. For sharing your life experience in Seoul one of My Dream place to live at.

Because of that, i realized that blogging is not just writing a journal, it has something more. Yeah, we can help other people that we dont know in real life indirectly, and it such big things. Just like a case between me and post by Mbak Vina.

For all blogger, just keep wiriting. No matter what, you know just from typing words, you can help someone :) 

I love to blogwalkin, i read my friend's blog just to know what are they doing now, or How are they now, just to make us feel connect each other.

  • I love to read Diana Rikasari's blog to give me ideas to make fashion set in Polyvore. 
  • I read Kak Fika blog too (Actually i knew her from Fiva, she was one of the winner of Cornetto Quiz, but we didnt meet at 2PM concert).
  • I read my Junior High Senior, because what she writes is really good, and useful.
  • I read Sri Izzati's tumblr. 
  • Recently i read Mba Vina's multiply.
  • I also read some random blog that i found accidentally. 

Happy Blogging,


PS: i don't know it's true or not but mostly blog/multiply writers are women. 
PSS: I dont know why but recently that blogger got problem in publishing. when i click Publish "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Ignore warning" Is it a problem from blogger or my internet connection, seriously it's kinda boring.
PSSS: Gonna make over this blog! just pray for meeeeeee. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Ramadhan! Happy Fasting!

Yuhuu! It's Ramadhan. The most wanted month in Islam. The full of joy month. The most loved month!
Anyway, my school day just begun.. yeah real school day, when teacher comes and we learn in full study time. But! it's ramadhan, So, my study time in school just decreased till 30% AH SO LOVE IT! That's why we called it full of joy month.

Anyway, (I know it's late) I want to apologize for all my fault since it's holy month our heart has to be clear from all the problems, hate, and other bad things. Just make it clear and pure. And Happy Fasting!

Actually, I made those silly photos spontaneously a few days ago, but i just cant post it now hehe. 



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