Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Ramadhan! Happy Fasting!

Yuhuu! It's Ramadhan. The most wanted month in Islam. The full of joy month. The most loved month!
Anyway, my school day just begun.. yeah real school day, when teacher comes and we learn in full study time. But! it's ramadhan, So, my study time in school just decreased till 30% AH SO LOVE IT! That's why we called it full of joy month.

Anyway, (I know it's late) I want to apologize for all my fault since it's holy month our heart has to be clear from all the problems, hate, and other bad things. Just make it clear and pure. And Happy Fasting!

Actually, I made those silly photos spontaneously a few days ago, but i just cant post it now hehe. 



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