Friday, August 26, 2011


Since I read an amazing blog this early morning, and googled my name, and I found that the lasthe last time I wrote on this blog was on May! see ? Seems like I don't care with this blog anymore, the truth is I.DO.CARE.OF.THIS.BLOG.SO.MUCH but since the my busy things took my time away, I don't have any time to write something on my blog. Well, today is August, 26th 2011 and now I wanna show that I still care with this blog so let allow me to say 'HAI FELLAS' just like I do when I start a post.

I'm breathing with the polusigen, now. So you know that now, I'm in Cikarang,Bekasi. The place that I grew up since I was on the preschool till junior high school. The place that for the first time I had a bestfriends. For the first time I got my stuff. Well skip those things.

It's Ramadhan, a holly month for the moeslim, a month with full of happiness, joy, and all thepositive thingS. You name it.

Oh yaa, you should know guys that I'm 11th grade now. I'm part of XIA3. But of course I'm still a part of #X8EST.

So much, new things I do since I'm in 11th grade. Just like I got my ATM card back! Yeay, I manage all the money I have with my own way. And I'm so grateful with those things. Alhamdulillah.

And I feel that I'm getting mature. But people around me don't think so. Haha.

Eh ya, I have a project too with my great-teacher-friend. Vita! Just wish us luck on this project.

Hmmm this post is really really short, and doesn't enough to show my attention, to this blog, but it's better than I don't write anything :p



PS: I type this post on phone (my daddy's phone), remember that I don't have any packet on my phone.
PSSS: imisshimsobadly