Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm officially 17 years old

well i just woke up in 2 AM!
and i decided to study math and islamic religion because i'm gonna have test in the morning. but the decision i made only word without realizing, because what? i tried my internet connection by opening my blogger dashboard and voila! the posts (even old post) from my friends blog showed up!

I know i have my curiousity level higher than other, yaa alias kepo gitu. hahaha. So, i just read her blogs.


scroll down...

scroll down...


theres a really short...short...short..post i ever see in blogspot! Usually i see something like that in tumbler, in quotes. Bt this one is a really short post, real one, it tells about what her feeling. It's not quotes. it contains what she want to say, even in one phrase or sentences..

and somehow, i want to write my own story about having legal time b'day.
I know for som people it such A BIG DAY!
But the days before my legal time b'day on Oct 22nd, 2012. what i felt is only FEAR!
I just felt so afraid of having my legal time b'day.
And finally the day came, on Monday, so i decided to celebrate by my own way with fasting! Seriously i didnt wanna be something uhmmm.... Sok or pretend like a goodgirl. i just wanted to.

At schools, as usually a lot of people wished me a lot of wishes about life, carreer, healthy, and bla..bla..bla.. All I wanna say is Amin and Thankyou.

In the evening, there was a little surprise for me.
A mini rainbow cake by Lulu Fauziyyah.
And surprised by Desy, Nopus, Puput, Vita, Kafilia, Risa and others. i dont remember.

after that surprised they left me, because they got something to do. And me? I stayed in class. 
Coz i didnt have anyfriends to go home with.

Then, me with all gift i had, sat alone in the coridor because the clas was locked by school-househelper.
And i guess i looked so pity haha, i was waiting Anisha to go home with me, and ironically she was on duty with her group study.
But. I kept waiting.
It was a better decisions than i had to go by my self and brought all the gift with my own hand And feel ashamed. haha.

Somepeople who just passed by me, had a glance on me, with a weird glanced. and say like "Ulang tahun yaa? Ciye selamat yaa. wished you bla...bla..bla.."

or like this "Ciye yang ulang tahun mah beda deh aurana" <--- a="a" ah="ah" by="by" made="made" me="me" nbsp="nbsp" one="one" p="p" person="person" say="say" spoken="spoken" this="this" was="was" who="who">
Then, i got home.

And i read all the greeting wishes on my twitter account, and handphone.
A lot of wishes, somewishes wished me to have a majoring and university that i want.
Somewishes wished me to be happy, healthy.
Somewishes wished me to be slim too.
One wish wished me to be calm, which is made me say "Hah?" too.

haha, but overall, i say amin in everywishes i got, as long it had a positive mean, and to be a better me in my life.

The next day, i got my course time.
And HAHA! i teased by my teacher, that day was full of laugh in the first hours, and turned into tears the next hours, but i was happy tho.

So, Happy 17th B'day for me twenty nine days ago.



PS: I dont have any photo of my b'day because my phone was die when i had surprise, the photo taken all by my friends, and i dont even have ay copies yet hehe. gonna post it soon.

Thursday, November 15, 2012




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Monday, November 12, 2012





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