Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

shocking thing afterschool time!

Hey! I come back! With happy things again!

You know, this week and last week I have a class meeting program, and eventhough I have a lot lot of spare time, I spend a lot of hours in school. I supported my friends who joined the challenge, and do something fun too, since it would be my last class meeting in Senior High! (Amin, I hope this will be my last)

Couples month ago, when I still had a online shopping, with my friends, every time I arrieved in my room, there’s always package in my bed. And after I decided to stop my business, there’s no more package in my bed, after I got home. EXCEPT, if I bought something from online market, or I got a package from my mom.

Today! Tuesday. Dec, 18th 2012. 4:10 PM. I got surprised, when I turned on the light in my room, there’s a package in my bed. Wait.. wait.. It was not the usual package I receive. IT WASN’T. It covered not with a plan brown paper, it was covered by B’day gift paper. Hoaaah!

Trully, the first thing in my head that it was come from Frida. Yeah I expected it was from her, because she asked me address, and said that she want to send me something. And tadaaaaaaa


She’s my bestfriend in JHS, she’s my deskmate in last year. She was a person I used to believe that she wouldn’t be my bestfriend. Haha she wasn’t my type to my bestfriend, but anyhow, we became a bestfriend.
To say the truth, I had a gang (Yes I know, it sound sooooooo chessy to have such a gang in JHS), formed bvy 5 people. Me, Mima, Ajeng, Ismi and Rizti. On Oct 22nd I had my b’day and maybe the special one, because on that day, I turned 17th! My legal time. And, no one of them say or send me a b’day wish like we usually do to our friend. Yes no one of them.
Well, I disappointed, but I just let it go. I’m not the old me, I’ve got my mature agem so I should be mature, and I should have a better way to think or wiser. But yes I did…hmmm wondering….asking to my self… Why? Why they forget my b’day. I never expected for such a b’day gift it such so childish. But I DID expected for a simple b’day wishes which mean more for me.
But, no matter what thankyou for Ajeng Rahayu Tjaraka for sending me a b’day gift, and I’m so relief when I read the letter—should I retype the letter here?—then I know the reason why you didn’t send me any b’day wish, or even say “HBD MUTH” (HOW DARE YOU ARE!!! *devil smile)
Thanks for remembering little thing I like. Doll, and cow! Haha how come you still remember that thing?!




PS: You did stalk my twitter? Huhu smell paparazzi in the air! Haha. And what the meaning of Toi Toi in your last word on the letter

Sunday, December 16, 2012

blue, orange, peplum

What made me happy!

Hey! It's been so long since my last post with "My Personal Life" tag :)
Well tonite, Dec 16th, 2012. 9:28PM I start to write what made me happy in a few day. 

1. Listen to Urban Zakapa's songs. Long time ago, my friend said to me that She like one of Urban Zakapa song, and asked me to listen that song. And on Sunday, i randomly to download Urban Zakapa's song. I tried to remember what Urban Zakapa's song that my friend asked me listen to. So, I tried to download "I hate you" in ther first, and gosh i love their tastes of music. Then, I download Coffee Latte(Idk, which true between Coffee Latte or Caffee Latte), and this song sound so jazzy and easy listening. And, after listened to Snowing, Just a Felling, and Let it Rain i Know that their music genre mostly, Jazz, blues, and RnB. Listen to Korean Indies band is really interesting, their music really...really different with K-Pop songs mostly. 

2. Got Likes by anonymous people in Polyvore.You know i've been joined Polyvore for about three years or about more, but i really really NOBODY in Polyvore, my sets are so rarely got likes by my followers or even by someone who just pass my profile by. But, Since not really long time ago, I tried to join the contest held by Polyvore, and since I joined contest "Style That Sweater with Old Navy" I got  a lot of Likes, and all of them are people by other country :) Alhamdulillah, I very thanked to Allah S.W.T that my sets got likes by a lot of people maybe it meant i got a better idea, of styling that fashion items. 

3. Watching Running Man. In my school, watching Running Man (Korean Reality Show) together in break time at class is so trending! Eventhough, i love to watch Korean Reality Show, i dont really into Running Man, i didnt even know, What exactly Running Man is, or even How it work, and who's played on it. But, on Thursday, afterschool time my friends came to my home to exchange Korean Reality show, So I decided to get some episodes of Running Man. And IT'S REALLY ENTERTAINING!!!

4. Wearing Jersey for the first time of my life. And it's original. And made "Ah so this is what it feels of wearing Jersey! hehe trully it made me want to buy some, not original of course (But i really pleased if i could get the original). I wear Barcelona FC Jersey, it was Desy's.

5. Just registered e-KTP before my final exam. Hehe two days before i had an exam, i went to my home in Cikarang and registered e-KTP(electronic identity card). Since i'm officially 17 y.o i have to have an identity card as a symbol of being a (nice) Indonesian citizen.

picture from here edited by me 



Old Navy for Campus style!

florish items will win their heart!

Having a tea with his family.