Thursday, November 14, 2013

When It Rains

And when it rains
Will you aways find and escape?
Just running away
From all of the ones who love you
From everything

Bandung Nov 14th, 2013
with all the gloomy feeling in this cold weather.
I say.. Hello!

It's 8:52 PM here, and the rain's still pouring outside, the weather is a damn cold.
And me staying in my flat, struggling with the Kirchoff Law.
Seems like, because of the weather i'm feeling so gloomy. i dunno wy, maybe because i'm so much tired and exhausted in the recent day. Yeah, Mid-term exam, is the reason why.

Anyway, sometimes i listen to the songs that match with a moment i'm in nor what i'm feeling. Just like now, I listen to When It Rains by Paramore. hihi.
 Please pray me a lot lot of luck for tomorrow, because when you pray in Rains, in shaa Alloh the pray will be "di-ijabah" hihi. Aamiin.

: اَللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِع

 much love in the gloomy day,

Amira Cita Muthia

Monday, November 11, 2013

Meet me on November!

Big Hello!

C'est Novembre!

I  still remember, what i thought about last year, on almost the end of 2012. 
I wondered that "Is it real that the world's gonna end?" hehehe
And now, Hello! November! 
Time flies away, darling!

I'm having mid-term exam this week, and tomorrow i'm gonna have Measuring Instrument and Measurement. Wish me bunch of luck!

Anyway,  talking about Novembre, so it means i just passed My October right? And what happened on My October?

To make it short, I really appreciated for What God has given to me, for everythings. 
For the never ending blessing and blissful life, For the love from people around me, and for the beautiful creatures. Alhamdulillah.

Talkin about October, nothing really special, but still i had some 'goosebumps'. ehileh lebay. haha

 Anyway, i have thoughts about someone out there, far away, that i really miss so much. For you, Have a good life, good friends, good morning, good night, and good food.

November means, we're gonna have a new years eve for less than 2 month left! Yeay!
And i really pray for the goodness in everything for this--I HOPE--blessful and blissful Novembre! Aamiin.

I have a quote that i read from a twitter account that contains lot lot lot of film quotes.

"Life can be so randomly beautiful" 

And that's what makes me think positively for everything :)

Happy Monday,

Amira Cita Muthia

PS: Alhamdulillah, after some pathetic and hectic morning, i had a lot lot of blissful things afterward.