Monday, August 5, 2013

A rare HELLO! (You finally meet)

Had a super busy week ago. Well HELLO!
Haha, last week i had my orientation in my new campus (Gawd! I'm not schooler anymore! Creepy)
It took 4 days.
Day One:
All the new students were following the inaguration ceremony. We sang the hymne and mars of my campus. And We took the pledge.
I dont know that am i just too emotional or that kind of moment had some magic.
THAT DAY, I (try to) Realize that i'm not like i used to be. I'm not a schooler any more now i'm student, and now (they said) I'm not teen anymore but i'm the young adult.
Talkin about young adult it means i should be more mature, more responsible, have a critically mind view, and understanding mu ownself better.
In that day i also had some speak from the important people in my campus like senat, chairman on student executive community and etc.
I was very very sleepy. I yawned very very often.
That day i met with three kind groups of seniors.
One of them, we called em Varangians--they are seniors that had a task to help all the new student to know about the campus environmental. They teach us something that we cant find in any books because it juat like tradition, or something that spread by mouth to mouth.
Then the next groups is Avicena--they're the medical team. They would take car of students who sick. Or giving them medicine.
They always ready and dispersed everywhere.
The last but surely not least! They were Immortal--from the name we knew that they had kind of scary image. Actually they were dicipline mentor. They would remind us if we made any false or break the rule. Well, the way they remind us are really fierce, but i understand that they acted like that just to train our mental to be stronger. Because in real life we'll find something tougher than this.
IN that day i also had a laboratorium visits. I visited my class and meet my classmeet. They all are really nice.
But, i bet that that day was the most tirinf day ever!
DAY THREE: I had some motivational speak from the motivators in the main hall. And you right that i was very sleepy and fall asleep for a while. Hehehs.
DAY FOUR: almost all the agenda were held inside the hall. It was really tiring yet relieving day ever!
We ended up the orientation by watching the fireworks wars and breakfasting together, ALHAMDULILLAH!