Sunday, December 18, 2011

(almost) the end of 2011

hellooooo, it's almost the end 0f 2011 already! time goes so faaaaaaaaaaaast. well i've no idea what i've to post hehhehe just as usually  .
i'm gonna post some of pictures that i took when classmeeting on dec 14th, 2011 by Agnia's Macbook. ah we just madly in love with iPhoto in the Mac. so this is the pictures........

me, angel and fiva

still us


cindy, angel, me, fiva

kafilia, me, fiva
me, angel, fiva, we are om the roller coaster, only in here i can enjoy the roller coaster without any worry.

fili, me, fiva

me, angel, fiva

DUO ADMIN, me and fiva

kafilia, me and fiva

still us

me, angel and fiva,, YEAH WE'RE IN PARIS! PARIS I'M CRAZY!

cindy, angel, me, fiva

me, angel, fiva

fili, me, fiva

me, angel, fiva

duo hottest!

trio hottest!

we i got my silly faces

hohoho enjoy your teenhood hoooney, it only happens once.


Monday, December 12, 2011


hello. well since it's almost the end of 2011, so i want to manage this blooooog better better than before, such i try to make my personal skin blog (even it seems weird-o) and now i join bloglovin to get the easy way to follow blogs.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

2PM! saranghaeyo!

hey, in my previous post, i post that i'm big fans of 2PM and im hottest. First at all i wanna say congratulations, CHUKHAE OPPA!!! cause, they just released their new album, actually this is the second album, but this is their 1st album with japanesse language. and EVEN WHEN WE'RE APART, OR EVEN IF WE ARE APART is my FAVORITE at all. ah so love it.
so this is the lyrics, (hiragana, romanization, translation)

離れていても - Hanarete itemo (Even if we are apart)

ふと君を想うよ あの澄んで光る瞳を

宙に浮かんだ 三日月に重ねてる

できるのなら 眠りに落ちる

その部屋の窓から 夢にまぎれて そっと 恋しさを届けたい

そう こんなにも 君を想い続けてるのに

こみあげるほどの気持ちに たぶんまだ君は気づいてない

離れても 君の影はぼくが いとしさで描いていると 忘れないで


あ・い・た・い、というせ・つ・な・い、言葉を いまそよ風が運んでくれた気がするよ

もう 懐かしい 君のあの香りの記憶を 少しずつ 少しずつ いま この胸に深く吸い込んでく

気がつけば 世界中が君で 埋め尽くされているんだよ あふれるこの想いを 止められないんだ



輝く月のように 必ずぼくが見つめているから

そう 離れても

その心の空で 照らし続けてるから



Futo kimi wo omouyo ano sunde hikaru hitomi wo

Sora ni ukanda mikazuki ni kasaneteru

Dekiru no nara nemuri ni ochiru

Sono heya no mado kara yume ni magirete sotto koishisa wo todoketai

Sou konnanimo kimi wo omoi tsuzuketeru noni

Komiageru hodo no kimochi ni tabun mada kimi wa kizuitenai

Hanaretemo kimino kage wa boku ga itoshisade kaite iru to wasurenaide

Boku wa itsudemo sobani iruyo

Ai-i-ta-i, to iu se-tsu-na-i, kotoba wo ima soyokaze ga hakonde kureta ki ga suruyo

Mou natsukashii kimi no ano kaori no kioku wo sukoshi zutsu sukoshi zutsu ima kono mune ni fufaku suikondeku

Ki ga tsukeba sekaichuu ga kimi de umetsuku sarete irundayo afureru kono omoi wo tomerarenainda

Mou kurayami wo kowagaranaide

Hitomi wo tojitanara

Kagayaku tsuki no you ni kanarazu boku ga mitsumete iru kara

Sou hanaretemo

Sono kokoro no sora de terashi tsuzuketeru kara


Boku wa itsudemo sobani iru yo

When I suddenly think of you and those clear and bright eyes

They suddenly appear up in sky floating above the crescent moon

If it‘s possible as I fall asleep

And drift into a dream I wish I could send my longing through that room’s window

So just like that as I keep on thinking of you

You‘re probably still not aware of this feeling that is welling up

Even if I‘m away, don‘t forget that I paint your shadow in strokes of dear longing

i ‘m always by your side

Miss you… sorrow… such words come to mind as I’m drowning in the mood carried over by a light breeze

Feeling nostalgic again and now little by little I inhale deeply into this chest the memory of your scent

And when you realize it, the whole world is filled with you and I cannot stop this overflowing feeling

Don’t be afraid of the dark anymore

Because as long as you close your eyes

There will definitely be me watching over you like a bright moon

So even if we are apart

Because you keep on illuminating the sky of my heart

Don’t forget

I am always by your side

aaahh, gomawooo. thankyou to lyric song 2pm.



Copy & Paste

1.Regret Something You Did In The Past? – Yep.

2.Country You Wanna Visit: - Mecca, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Britain, France, Italy, Holland, German, US.

3.Way You Wanna Die: - when I pray peacefully and surrounded by people who love me.

4.Like Thunderstorms? – No, it's kinda scary for me.

5.Get Along W/ Your Parents? – yes, sometimes.

6.R U A Health Freak? – No, sometimes I do eat junk food and drink softdrink, hmm also coffee.

7.U Think Ur Attractive? – I'm pretty sure!

8.Do You Believe In Yourself? – Yes! I think,

9.Wanna Get Married? – yes, but not now, maybe when I 23 years old, or maybe 25.

10.Wanna Go To College? –ABSOLUTELY! YES!

11.Shower Daily? – twice on weekdays or sometimes I just make it once. And third times on weekend.

12.Want Kids? – yeah! One boy and one girl! But I hope it twins, so I just feel the pain once.

13.When Do U Wanna Lose Your Virginity? -after I get marry! Of course, I don't want make a big sins, remember there's a lot of sins I made since I was born in this great world.

14.Do U Hate Anyone? –yes, I do! There's a love and there's a hate!

16.Do You Think You Can Sing? – Yes! I Lovaaaa to sing! Especially with my friends, and also with Dream-O-Cration.

17.Can You Open You Eyes Underwater? –No! hmm yeah, but maybe just for 0.1 seconds!

18.Eat Whatever And Not Worry? –No! sometimes I do a diet! So I worry about something I eat
19.Can You Whistle? –Yeah! But it sounds kinda weird-o

20.Can You Walk In High Heels? –a lil bit!
21.Do You Sleep W/ The Light On? – yeah! Just like the fish in the aquarium. Haha. But I'll try to sleep with the light off.
22.Do You Like Super Spicy Foods? -Yes, I do. Hmm just spicy food not SUPER SPICY. Cause I got maag.

23.Can You Multitask? – a little bit.

24.Touch Your Nose W/ Your Tongue? – No and Never.

25.Can You Fit In Your Locker? –No. I don't have a size 0 like a models in runway.

26.Do You Spit? – hah?

27.Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke? -no, never! For me it tastes same!

28.If You Could Wish 4 Anything...What Would You Wish?
- Have 3B and L! Brain, Beauty, Behavior, and lovable!

- A happily ever after family, with an almost perfect husband who love sooo much, and a copule kids, booy as the eldest, and girl as the younger,
- a gorgeous career as a business woman, with a five-stars big restaurant, a famous event organizer, and a fashionable clothing line.
- Die when I pray peacefully and surrounded by people who love so much. AMIN.

29.What Kind Of Perfume Or Colone Do You Wear? – Brisa by Johnsons baby cologne!

30.What Kind Of Soap Do You Use? – hmm sometimes I use biore, lux, dove, or lifebuoy.

31.What's Your Favorite Scent? – hmm, mint and florish!

32.Would You Choose To Live Forever If You Could? – haha, maybe yeah if I could get those 4 things, and live surrounded by lovable people.

33.Books or movies? – BOTH!!!

34.Do you think of someone? -Hmm..yeah.. maybe but I don't exactly know who is it? *eh

35.Have you ever been in a serious relationship? -No. I'm YOUNG! But I WILL!

Haha, just copy those questions from my senior's blog and answers that by my own answers! It's kinda fun! Hahaha feels like I'm a celebs who reported by an entertainment channel. Well the questions should be 50! Cause it's FUN, FUN, FUN, AND FUUUUUUUUUN!



PS: you should try this guys, at least once in your life.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Wear It

I WEAR IT! yeah, i wear hijab. since november 27th, 2011 or Muharram 2nd. it's a big step in my life. after a week i wore it, there's no one realize, just my close friends. wearing hijab is not easy thing for me, but i realize that wearing jilbab is a must for a muslimah like, me. insya allah i wear it forever, until the rest of my life. bismillah.........


Aisyah,  Ra.

PS: I said to my friends like this "eh panggil gue aisyah doong kan gue udah pake jilbab" they said
PSS: SINCE, fiva asked me to join the challange from Cornetto to win 2PM HANDS UP  CONCERT, and we won this, I'M A BIG FANS OF 2PM. I'M HOTTEST NOW.
PSSS: IT'S DECEMBER 3rd, 2011. *screamiiing* and next of next day, the day after tommorow,  DECEMBER,5th i have a 1st semester exam. wish me luck.

i turn 16!

thanks guys!