Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Wear It

I WEAR IT! yeah, i wear hijab. since november 27th, 2011 or Muharram 2nd. it's a big step in my life. after a week i wore it, there's no one realize, just my close friends. wearing hijab is not easy thing for me, but i realize that wearing jilbab is a must for a muslimah like, me. insya allah i wear it forever, until the rest of my life. bismillah.........


Aisyah,  Ra.

PS: I said to my friends like this "eh panggil gue aisyah doong kan gue udah pake jilbab" they said
PSS: SINCE, fiva asked me to join the challange from Cornetto to win 2PM HANDS UP  CONCERT, and we won this, I'M A BIG FANS OF 2PM. I'M HOTTEST NOW.
PSSS: IT'S DECEMBER 3rd, 2011. *screamiiing* and next of next day, the day after tommorow,  DECEMBER,5th i have a 1st semester exam. wish me luck.