Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hey Fellas! I don't know how many untitled title i use for posts i posted. whether in blog, or Polyvore. hehe. it such my to decide what word I'm gonna use to be a title. CRAP it! screeep....

Hmmm did you see My last post ? yep, that post. the post which only containing  a picture about fashion. i called it fashion set! I made that fashion sets in Polyvore! one of my favorite sites.
Polyvore is a sites, for mix and match fashion, interior design, and art! It's really coo! Ultra COOL! For all chocolates in the world's sake! but along my three year joining Polyvore [Oh My Gawd! I can't believe I've been joined Polyvore for three years] i just doing mix and match in Fashion Major. since I'm not a super creative person in art, and especially just in Polyvore i can save items, just like shopping until more than One Million DOLLAR! YEAH US DOLLAR! even sometimes i save items which only can purchase by euro. Oh yes, in Polyvore there's A LOT! A LOT! A LOT OF THINGS, correction. UNIQUE THINGS, or classy, futuristic, and edgy. all you can find here! Daily Clothes(with super great quality and design, and of course with expansive price[yes it's just too high to become my price class], Dress, Jewelry, Accecories, Beauty Kit, and even books and magazine! beside you can save those (Lovable) things as your items (just in virtual, actually) and mix and match them. you can also save them LITERALLY! I mean, you buy it and make it as yours, and purchase it with paypals. But unfortunately, i havent done it yet. hehe, but someday I will. I promise.
I couldn't make a sets everyday, especially on school day, since I was so busy, all the school stuffs make my life become hectic ._. so I just (sometimes, it should called seldom) sign into Polyvore only on weekend or holiday, or when i get my spare time (which is soo seldom) OR IN LATE NIGHT, after i finished doin my homework, and i can't sleep. Not all of my sets in Polyvore are posted in this blog, just the latest sets. My ealier-time-i-join-polyvore sets are not posted here, because My earlier time become Polyvore members I didn't make My Polyvore and Blog connect. Anyway, the sets under this post, is my 59th sets i made after three year joining hehehe. But eventhough along the three years i can only made 59th sets, i was proud of it, because I was the first person joining this sites between in my friends. (Narcism!) and i got a lot a lot of expansion, from my first sets until the 59th sets. I make a goal, I SHOULD MAKE THE 100th sets before Lebaran, which is would be held in the middle August. hihi wish me luck! and i hope i got a lot spare time to make it real.

Ah ya, in previous post, i havent tell you rite? Okay, Since Now ( a few days ago actually) I officially become a last year student! Yep, it means automatically, i will become more busy,more seldom to write in this blog and make sets in Polyvore. but it's alright since it's for my better future, AMIN. And now I should be ready for National Examination and College Entrance Test. Wish me luck, i want to join Faculty of Literature on Japanese Literature Major. Amin, and if I could i will join the Mobukagakusho (previously called Monbusho) Scholarship. It's one of the old scholarship programm presented by Japan. Even it held when My Dad was in college, COOL!

hehe so it's 4:28 PM already I've to take a shower now! Bubye!

With Petrichor smell, and smile.


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