Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yeah, maybe I won't start this post with "HAI FELLAS" or another way to say hi. Yeah you right, I'm on my worst mood. I'M MESSY NOW. This is Saturday nite and I spend it with movie marathon. And yeah hell, before I do it I did something bad. HA.HA WORST MAYBE. Ah don't care. Well can you believe I'm watching "going the distance" while I'm typing this post. Crazy. Yeah. It's me. Well, you can see how messy I am now, I'm talking just like a bird humming. Hahaha bad grammar ? DON'T CARE. Well this movie is awesome, tells about a fvckin distance. Yeah I hate the distance. Well it sucks. I.HATE.DISTANCE. cos ya now guys, I'm far away from my parents, from my sister, from my family, from my bestfriends(really need em now,to tell what happened on me a few hours ago), need my great friends. NEED THAT ALL. Yeah I've heard that life can be so randomly beautiful. But I think life can be so randomly fvck too. I hate for being 'me' now, sometime I wanna give up with this. Yeah, I don't want to listen a word named DISTANCE. It hurts. It's 22:04. And yeah I hate twitter too, dunno why but a few days ago twitter made me soooooooooooooooooooo messy.but I can't live without it. Haha even I've read a quote like this "DON'T BELIEVE IF THERE'S SOMEONE SAY THAT HE OR SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT US, CAUSE IF WE'RE NOT NEXT TO EM, SHE OR HE HASN'T DIE YET"

Well bye.