Friday, June 15, 2012


Okay! Since I wasn’t post anything in my blog for a long time, so I think im gonna post sumtin now. And since I’m eastern people and my parents told me that I’ve to greet first.


Hmm  now I really miss the time when I open my laptop then write something, save it into my draft and post it to my blog. Or after I cleaning my room in the weekend then I’m having a rest in my bed, and have some blogwalkin, then I write.
That momets now feel soooo rare for me. So for 6 months ago I decided to get in into entrepreneur world, I try it in small way. Step by step I made. Spread my wings, and yes now, Alhamdulillah I can feel the result. Not in materialistic way, but for my experience and my soul. Because become an entrepreneur in young age, and where you’re still a student of school with a hectic duties, isn’t easy. Especially for ME! And plus with hmm well I can say it ‘unsolid teamwork yet’ yes it’s not a totally we’re UNSOLID! But it such NOT YET. NOT.YET! There’s a different rite? Because I don’t want my friend read it in other perception. Hmm *take a deep breath* hah I’m feeling weird-o now! Maybe such a long time I’m not write anything!
Hmm yes, at the first my parents supported me for becoming an entrepreneur following my papah’s way, especially in young age. They just asked me when I do something, do it with responsibility for all the risk I might get. And I just agree with that! Since the were not asking me others things rite? Hahaha that was a super silly thought from me, because ‘with responsibility’ they mean is, I’ve to still study hard while I’m managing the business and IT’S NOT EASY, FOR ME! Yeah since some problems I said before, cause sometime, when I got 2 things to do in the same time, business things and school stuf I’ve to forfeit on of them. And since I try to become independent, so I try to cover all the problems by myself, not all of them, but mostly. And till I ret talze I’ve walk too far, byself.leaving my partners, that the worst thing ever! Okay, actually I just try and try and try to make a step ahead for my/our business, but I got the wrong way, decide all the things byself, I know which good one for this business but deciding all the things by self is just soo selfish. I’m selfish.

And… but even I’ve to past all that things, I just make a thought that “It’s God’s way to make me mature” And I feel so Alhamdulillah with those things at all.
AH Yes! Im gonna begin my senior class in my school just in a few weeks again, time goes so quick! and the tick tock never stop. Haha also, I’m gonna having my 17th birthday in just a few months again. Haha im aging darling!!! And im so thankful to Allah SWT for those precious things Allah gave to me along the past 17years. Alhamdulillah.
What else?
To be honest I’m such hmmm don’t know what more I can say, but since this post is my first blabbering after a long ‘hiatus’ from this blog so I wanna tell all the stranger that might be visit my blog the things I did and I left to post it. Since it just afew weeks into my senior class so it means just a few months to my college time! Huaaaa im soo afraid, yes this is my first time feel so confuse to chooce where im gonna spend my time to study, to reach my goal in the future. TO BE A GIRL THAT MY PARENTS WILL PROUD OF in the future. Haha. Actually I got some options, but still cant focusing to one goal -_-

Hmm my recently hobbies are
  •  Online Shopping (I LOVE IT SOMUCH! But I’m smart shopper so I’m not too freaking out when I see a cute stuff I want, I check it more details look for another online shop just for one thing, (different price is reckoneable! )
  •  Practicing guitar! Haha there’s a personal sacrifice for me when I can play a song on guitar though I still to watch the tutorial video before I play it. And I still believe, the more you can play music instrument the more your IQ will increase—well, though there’s a thought that say, our IQ point is absolute, bit why not for suggesting our brain with a good things rite?
  • Decorating my room—well I’ve done a lot of design project that im gonna make it REAL! In this holiday. Cause I think having a new conditions, before I get back into hectic week in senior class is a good idea.
  • Playing my Polyvore! Haha when I play it I suggest my own self! Mix and match it like you got it all! Ony in this place I can feel what shop-till-you-drop feels like.
  • Learning Japanesse from online! Since last holiday I spent it to learn Korean/hangul and I can do it successfully.  

Hmm I’m kinda back to the times I love to listen the random songs, but mostly I listen to John Mayer (again! Haha seems like Our Daddy John, lemme to love other kind of songs from others musician then take me back and get me in love with his songs again-HAIYAH!) And Death Cab for Cutie.

Well, darling it’s 10:59PM all it will be 11:00PM when this post will arrive and show up in my blog, im gonna sleep before I wake up in the midnite for having some blogwalkin!



PS: I got my own theory, I don’t know that is maybe relate to you or not,that “If you doesn’t say something positive to thank to God that you’re still awake in this precious life, our day won’t be as beautiful as well”
P.S.S: sorry for bad grammar!

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