Monday, January 7, 2013

Not really good welcoming 2013 post :)

Hallo, I’m back! Alhamdulillah it’s the first week in 2013!
First at all, I’m so grateful to ALLAH SWT, My God, the one. So, I can still breathe. I’m so grateful with everything Allah gave to me, good or bad.
To welcome 2013, firstly I wanna thank Allah for the things I’ve got, the moment I’ve passed by, the people I’ve met, the place I’ve visited, the creature I’ve seen, the harmony I heard, and everything in 2012. Then, for 2013, the year which I (will) get my success (AMIN), I hope (like people usually say in the early year) I get better in everything in me—FYI, there’s someone say to write or speak your wish or hope in present tense, it will make the wishes or hopes closer to us, or make us feel closer to the wishes—I make some resolutions too, start from the easy one until the hardest one. And I will make the summary in the end of the year.
I find and follow twitter account which has a lot of advantage for my future.
I only spend 1000, every school day (exclude the transport cost, and pulsa)
I decrease tissue usage, Yes I want to save the earth.
I do EMPATI, (empat soal per mata pelajaran sehari) program continuously, and seriously.
I increase my English skill, I hope I can get the toefl score better.
I  don’t watch movies, in school day.
I  don’t play games in school day,
I text my parents more oftenly.
I always smile, this one is level 2.
I won’t be selfish and moody, I wanna get a best quality life.
I drink a lokol tea, lets start a healthy life.
I do sit up and stretching when I wake up, and before I sleep.
I drink softdrink only one bottle, in a week.
I drink mineral water 2L, every day, and I bring my own drink bottle to school, it also save the earth missions.
I thank Allah everymorning I wake up, more religiously, not only just say thank in mouth, but in heart and mind too.
I read Al-Quran, more often and also read the translated.
I write a post at least one, everyweek it’s better to write in on Sunday.
I tweetlessly, it helps me to prevent me to do something unimportant.
I only play Polyvore on weekend.
I only have my play time fom 9AM-3PM, on weekend.
I sleep on 10PM, and finish my homework before sleep, this one is level 3.
I listen more than speak.
I fasting 2 days a week, it’s better to do it on Monday and Thursday.
I drink coffee only 3cups a week, this one is level 3.
I do vegetarian only in Monday, it’s better to eat steamed or boiled food.
I eat one small bar chocolate on Friday.
I reorganized my room on Saturday on 6.30 AM.
I study at state-owned university in Java Island.
I go hang out alone, at least once month.
I practice Hiragana and Katakana, at least once a week.
I use face cream and handbody lotion everyday.
I make the resolution for the mid year, and the end of the year.

anyway, Happy New Year for everyone, for my beloved readers, for my stalkers haha. Hope you'll get a better life in this year! Let's moving on :)



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