Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What particularly SUPRISED ME!


that BIG Hello will definitely gives you a goosebumps!

As big as that Hello, I also have some of particular BIG Things that made me happy recently!
Begin from the late May! What's happen?

On  May 24th, the day when My Sister got her DAY, and turned 14! And ALSO! I FINALLY GOT ON ME WORD THAT SURELY REALLY MEANS TO ME! "LULUS" Yay! finally graduate from my-beloved-highschool! After three years i struggled with all the different, and hardtimes.

On May 26th, the day when I.SURELY.NEVER,FORGET. Ok, lemme tell you first, I never expect to get campus without anytest. So, I SURELY! didnt expect that I would be one of people who could enter the university without any test, and I had almost believed that for along my High School time, BUT..

I ACCEPTED IN PADJADJARAN UNIVERSITY on Agrotechnology Majoring. So, unbelievable yet ALHAMDULILLAH...

But that meant I wont have any chance to take the test for bocoming part of International Relations Student of Padjadjaran University.

After hardtimes deciding which one i'll take.  (Agrotechnology UNPAD or Telecommunication Engineering POLBAN)  I finally made a decision with LOTS of helped by people around me, mostly parents.

ENGINEERING? Eh? it's like something so not me, and take zillions years for people and ME! to believe it.
Me as talkativen person, people would think that I will take major(s) like Communication or International Relations, but sometimes everything has it owns tracks and sometime it can't suit to us--thats, what we call FATE! I do believe in Fate, so I think this is the fate.

As a present for getting 2 campus, my dad gave me A-ZUPER-UBER-GADGET which i had adore this one from a long timeeee... Please Welcome.. GALAXY NOTE II. Alhamdulillah...

Talk another topic, I spent about two weeks in my house in Cikarang, Bekasi. for taking a breath for a while, for getting the unwanted tanning because of the weather, and for enjoying the lovely and healthy food from MOM!

I spent my days ( A LOT) at home for sleeping and cleaning house.
But sometimes I have chillin time with my buddies, in our Fisti's house or go out for once.

And I spent my weekend mostly with my family hang out to the Malls enjoy movies, and good foods!

I did spent a lot of my times to feed my Kiddo-fisheS. Which I love so much, though I sometimes made them stress by try to catch them, hehe.

And on My last Saturday, I got a chance to watch the Semifinal of DJARUM INDONESIA OPEN 2013. It was a prestige world badminton competition! So GLAD! to meet the awesome athletes, eventhough Indonesia only win One category, I still enjoyed it well. But, the bad one was.. I coudnt meet the lovable badminton player from Korea, because the match was held on every late evening and i got to go home.

Bad thing from my-runaway-two-weeks-holiday was I didnt do lot of exercise, and I didnt run at all.
Pretty bad, huh?

and well, Now is turning 1 AM , so I gotta sleep, the pictures are on my new Instagram's account already.



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