Thursday, December 26, 2013

between a lot of choices

Right or Left?
Forward or Backward?
South or north?
Stay or Leave?

junction just like mind branches.

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Stay or leave?
 this is the real question that stayed and stays in my mind for a long time,
Should i stay and keep fighting for what i've done?
 or should i leave this and hang on with the new hope? 
Actually, i really wanna choose the second one, but i'm kind of a person--recently i became like this--who dont wanna take a high risk, for something that still unclear with what's gonna happen later.

I'm officialy 18+ but still i caant even made decision for my own self,  
start from little thing
"OMG this notebook is really cuteee! the "desgin are sso unique!" then i see the price "OMG! it's so fuckin expansive" then i think for a while "but this one is rally cute!" then i say "NO! this price isn't worth for that kind of notebook"  "Should i buy?" "Yes" "But, for what? I've a lot of notebooks already and i havent used it" "But..." Then i leave the bookstore, but still thinking should i buy that notebooks?" 

Turn to the big things
Weeks ago, The robotic team was having an open recruitment for the freshman to join the team. I still remembered the day, It was FRIDAY!
I was having a plan, that Mucha and I will having movie time in Friday Movie Mania (It's a programme for having a free movie ticket) But in coffeebreak time, my friends shouted out that if there's anyone who want to join robotic team come to robotic basecamp on 4 PM.
Mucha, she ever wanted to join the Robotical team in the first OR, but she just resign even before she really registered.
I've a battlefield on my mind. Should i join the Robotic? considering of few things,

First, I didnt join any extracurricular--well, actually i joined eltrasradio (it's a n intern radio station) but the schedule was always never matched with my schedule. 

Second, join the robotic team, means i learn the same subject that i will recieved in the second year. And it means, that it will helped my second year by learning that subject first.

And seems like the universe guided me well. As Mucha and I arrived at the movie, the free tickets are unavailable anymore.
Then, the mind battle start again.
even i made a call with dadd, just for asking, that should i join robotic or not.
Daddy says as long it's a positive things, why not?
So i bought little binder, with unique design for becoming my robotic note.
Then, I went to Mucha's flat to pray, and prepare for coming to robotic. 
But after i arrived in robotic basecamp, what i did is just dropping Mucha and went back to  my own flat, because i feel so unsure to join the robotic.

So pathetic rite?

 I know that's soo ridicilous!

Any advice for the-always-cant-decide-moments-like-that?

Happy Last Thursday on 2013 dear!
Much love!


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