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BLAST Malaysia & S'pore Trip 2014! Day 1

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Yeay finally! HOLIDAY. After a really tough days in 2014. Akhirnya saya dan sekeluarga bisa liburan bareng yang lumayan jauh. Terakhir liburan bareng dan jauh itu juga year end trip 2012, di Bali. Dan selama 2013 kita ga berkesempatan liburan yang jauh bareng, karena pada akhir taun mama papa umroh dan saya sih di tahun 2013 lagi sibuk – sibuknya dalam zona sophomore!

Okay back to the story..
This trip was arranged in early October. so my family minus me, went to the shopping mall in Bandung where there was a holiday fair. So, my family chose the 6D 5N trip to Malaysia and Singapore.
Since this is my first overseas trip so I just hurried to get my first passport, and my passport story is on the previous post.

The trip began on Dec 27th 2014…

We got a morning flight with Garuda, approximately on 09:45. I don’t really remember. But since I lived in sidetown a.k.a Cikarang, Bekasi so we went to the airport in early morning. It’s about 3AM or 3.30AM WE WENT TO THE AIRPORT! Dad parked our car for the next 6 Days on SHIA. 
The weather that morning was gloomy with a little rain.
The flight went well, and  minutes after the take off was end, the weather just goin so nice! Yeay! For almost 2 hours flight, I didn’t sleep at all, tumben banget kan tukang pelor kaya saya. 
It was all because the on board entertainment from Garuda is good! The Meal on Board also good! Hehehe, but the dessert was fruits, I did expect for the cake, wkwkw dasar ya maruks!
We arrive on the KLIA around 12AM, or 1PM Malaysia Time. Okay I should admit that KLIA looks more modern and clean than SHIA. 
Maybe because of the bright colours like white and silver. When I was takin my baggage something bad happened just like my sister luggage tag—the Hello Kitty Luggage tag from the Alfamart, that is pretty cute—was gone! Somebody must be took it,  either in SHIA or KLIA after that we went to town, it took 1 hour to reach Kuala Lumpur Center Town. 
We got there by a bus. There’s  almost 5 family, it was about 25 people on board with one local guide named, Mr Alan. And guide from the travel Dwidaya Tour Ms Anita.

Yes i know it's so lame to take a travel tour packet from travel agent just to spend some nights in Malayysia and Spore, but since my family didnt have much time to prep some 
( or maybe A LOT ) things by our self for the trips, so the travel packet is best choice to make t more efficient, both money and time.

The trip to the KL from the airport went well, no traffic jam, maybe because the amount of cars is not that much if compared to Jakarta. I saw an ope container contains a lot of NEW Motorcycle, which is the model was so LAME and OLD. You know ASTREA atau bektu alias bebek tua :( In this part Indonesia is better! We got better motorcycle! YEAY!

First stop is chinesse halal restaurant. Mr Alan told us that in Malaysia, Melayu Restaurant rarely want to accept a group tour like us to have a lunch, so most of restaurant that will accept a group tour is Chinesse Restaurant, but this is Chinesse Restaurant is HALAL so no doubt!

I bet the owner was moeslem, because there’s a Calligraph of ALLAH SWT and Nabi Muhammad SAW. The food was extremely a lot! So the 25 people on the group divided for 4 table. In every table was served a lot of chinesse food that FITS my tongue WELL! Ehhehhee.

After having lunch I just realized that workers mostly Indonesia Woman I just fel bad for them :( Kasian mereka di Malaysia, I pray for them for having a blissful and joy in Malaysia! Aamiin ya rabb.

After we had lunch we went to Genting. Resort World Genting Highlands
This Resort World Developer is same with the Resort World in Sentosa Islands Spore!
The bus stops on 1000m height from the sea level. We continued our journey with a cable car! OMAIGAAT maaak mau pulang aja daripada naik beginian :"(

bisa diliat kan sampe ujung yang berkabut disaa dan itu masih jauuuhhh.
Pic taken by my Dad on the way back.

To ride this cable car we couldn’t bring all of our luggages. 
So we deposit our luggages in the first terminal before taka a ride with te cable car. 
Each of us took a backpack. Mom took a small luggage for hers, dad’s, and my lil sister clothes for the next morning. BECAUSE we only spend a night in Genting.
OH MY GODNESS! Cable car nya tinggi banget! Lebih tinggi daripada Gondola di Ancol! 
And under the cable car was A FOREST! NO IT WAS A JUNGLE. Sumatera’s jungle! 
Karena emang totally hutan antah berantah yang katanya sih masih ada gajah harimau dan lain-lain masih ada jurang tjoyyy! The ride took 15mins approximately. But it felt like years to me! Sumpah lemes di dalemnya. Dan cable carnya sendiri ngga datar kaya biasanya, tapi nanjaaaaaak teruss dan beberapa kali turunan panjang, tapi kebanyakan nanjak. Karena dari titik keberangkatan kita akan naik 1000 meter lagi ke hotel di bukti seberang sana.
Sampai di pemberentian terakhir sujud sukuuuuuur banget! Oh ya kita juga sempet nebus foto yang difotoin pas di awal keberangkatan! And it was so expansive!!!!! For one frame photo it was almost cost 250rb or 350rb lupa deh.
Begitu sampe di spot terakhir gedung kita lansung jalan menuju lobby hotel 

First World Hotel di lantai berapa gitu soalnya pusing cyiin kan itu ada beberapa tower yang menyatu, terus ada shopping places nya ada mini indoor theme park gitu. Mall nyatu dengan hotel, dan total kamar hotelnya 1000 lebih tjoy!
But unlucky us the outdoor themepark was on under reconstruction. 
My rooms was a really small room with twin bed.

The review of my hotel room in FIRST WORLD HOTEL
The twin bed is comfy enough, eventhough THERE’S NO SPACE between the beds! Nyatu aja udah kaya queen size bed lah.
-      NO SHOWER KIT! Buy your own yaa. Gada sikat gigi gratis kaya biasanya meskipun ini hotel bintang 5. Tapi kayanya ini kelas yang murahnya :( dianta 1000 sekian kamar.
-      No AC. But the weather is extremely colds so it’s okay we wont need one!
-      Hairdryer! Too bad I don’t remember there’s a hairdryer or not. But thanks god there’s still water heater! And choices of coffee or tea.

After taking a shower and relaxing for a while, secara dari jam 3 pagi gitu kaan udah siap sedia mau jalan jalan kita caws! Makan malem di buffet restaurant hotel. 
The food was so good! Mehehe secara buffet dinner! Menunya variatif banget dan enak. Hihihihi…
Mamah Papap were enjoying the fruits as dessert

Abis itu kita window shopping di shopping groundnya, udah terus liat – liat gitu deh ada atraksi bule bikin figures dari balon. Tapi aslinya I WAS SO PARANOID! The tour guide says that di genting banyak penghipnotis so you better walk in group, at least 3 person.
Terus kan disana ada banyak bule yang lagi teller gitu kayanya abis mabok, soalnya jalannya oleng dan sendirian matanya merah. My eyes on him! Ngawasin abnet takut tetiba ngamuk di keramaian. Sisi Malaysia di genting bener bener beda, banyak bule dan aga sedikit bebas mungkin karena ada Casino.
Ohya kalau mau masuk casino bring your passport and ID card, and you should be 21yrs old or older. NO CAMERA! Everythings in casino is secret! A gue sih cuman foto di depannya aja!
Oh ya harga untuk barang-barang di genting is way more expansive than in KL. Tokonya bervariasi mulai dari outlet adidas, nike sampe butik mini gitu. 
Klo yang kayanya bener-bener shopping till I die di genting itu biasanya orang-orang Arab gitu they could bring at least 3 boxes of nike per person.
We end up our window shopping by watching the dance show, and end up hit the bed around 9PM.

Eh iya sebelum tidur gue nonton dulu deng siaran Malaysia gitu. And I just realized something…
so lemme ask you (ask who? Ada yang baca emangnya?)
How do you say amount?
Yes like that Malaysian say so, but they write it in Malaysian language as amon amon or amoun amoun. So they prounounce it like English but write it in Malaysian…
Goodbye! Gonna tell ya later bout the next days! I’m not good at rememorizing hihihi!

Air kiss,


PS: I write this on-my-gabut-holiday! And college will hit me again in less than 2 weeks! Aih I’m freakin out!
PSS: Nyatanya baru di posting sekarang udah 1 bulan kuliah lagi.

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