Tuesday, June 9, 2015

BLAST Malaysia & S'pore Trip 2014! Day 3

Assalamualaikum everyone..
Actually im bit lazy to review the 3rd day activities, because it was kinda boring.

Well let's spill it out...

First, we got up early and having breakfast in the hotel.
The Breakfast buffet was pretty good. But i think it was too much to serve RENDANG in the morning--actually Rendang is a dish from Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia--It'sa meat cooked with Coconut Milk and Herbs and Spices. But thanks God the rice is normal no more Nasi Lemak. 
But do not worry ROYAL KL did serve such american breakfast, and french toast.

Next the first stop it was Sunway Pyramid Mall it's a big mall betewe just like Grand Indonesia but with Egyptian Interior nithing Special sih. BUT there was a lil bit funny story out there,
Rite after we got one round strolling one floor haha, anyway I was accompanied by MOOZA RED from TUSK BAG. it was so spacious and fit my travel activities.
My dad also got his turn. HAHAHAHA... <3 br="">
So as we know mostly Malaysian speak engloish beside speak Melayu rite, but it was so haaaardddd to talk in english with the waiters in one of Resto. and it was like i got to tell him about World War III just to asked them one more lil plate :( kinda pathetic sorry if i being too much.
Nah, i went to the DAISO too in there. The price was lil bit less than Indonesia price, in indonesia we got to spend--approx--Rp.22000 per item, but out there we only got to spend Rp15.000 or 19.000 ya? Ugh sorry my bad i dont remember it well.
Next we were dropped in I-City Shah Alam. There's no fee to enter this theme park. the charges will only be charged if you take a ride.
Well, I-City is actually a complex of stores that re-decorated to become a theme park.

There's tricky eye museum,  I dont remember the entrance fee. the owner said that all the paints were imported from South Korea. The museum isnt that big, but so far it's pretty entertaining to heal the boredom in I-City :(

We ended the trip in I-City with a bowl of shaved ice. 

On our way back home we visited a choco factory which i forget its name, wait im gonna google it..Oh yea it was Beryl's chocolate kingdom. they said it was one of the best chocolate in the world. But My tongue just will love MONGGO'S FINE DARK CHOCOLATE that Beryl's Chocolate.[FYI, Monggo Chocolate is Indonesian Chocolate]. by the way the recommended chocs from this store was 

  •          Tiramisu Choc, it looks like almond. actually it was almond cover up with white choc, and toppeed up with dark choc. First bite it was sooooo bitter, and it turns to sweeettt! 
  •           Dark Chocs 70% it's goood for your heart, for whoever who got heart disease.

We were heading back to hotel, and get rested.
After pray Magrib, we went for strolling around Bukit Bintang area, and we ended bought some chocs (again) and some tourist stuff. mwehehehe...
For dinner we choose McD for tonite instead of KFC cause of i didnt like KFC rice which is Nasi Lemak. I was craving for plain white rice.
McD dont have rice, so we went to french fries YEAY! VIVA LA POTATOOOO.
My sisters and my mom had a splendid shopping rite there, my sister got Korean Edgy Style Bag, while my lil sister got 2 neck pillows, which is feel more comfy that with our already had one. And my mom, since she was in much pain wearing one shoulder bag, so she went to Polo creamy backpack that was bought in the first Parkson Outlet, which is located in Sungai Weng.

Finish our dinner in hotel room, we hit the bed late, cause we got the packing up all, cause the next day, we're gonna leave KL.


wait for my next mummmering rite! ciao fellaaa....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Too bad cause the 3rd days there was any special event and we just ended up shopping there's no moro pics unless pic ive put in this post.                                                

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