Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, hello fellas ! truly bandung is my lovest place but last week, I'd my emotional part of my life ! YEAH IT WAS SO COMPLICATED !

1st day, it was Sunday sooooo I spent my time with my big family for having a lunch @Kelapa Lagoon. After it we went back to my grandma's home. A few hours later my parents and my sisters went to Cikarang. On 8 PM I spent my time to wacth TV. BUT a few minute later there was a message from someone. Yeah he is my old friend, so we'd a stupid chitchat till I went to sleep.

2nd day, it was Monday so it means my war was beginning. Yeah I'd an academic test in SMA 2 CIMAHI, when I went back to my grandma's house, I spent my day for tweeting, then he sent me a message again so we were having a stupid chitchat again. Having a chitchat with him it was so interesting, I could Laugh out loud, I could tell him bout my day. And bla..bla…

5th day, it was my BIGGEST PART ! yeah in the morning, my dadd, called me but I didn't want to answer, then a few minute later my mom called then I asked my grandma to answer this, yeah my mom tell her that I accepted at SMA 1 CIKARANG UTARA, I was feeling so happy then I gave him know bout it. Hmmmm somehow in the evening I cried so loud I was not sure the reason why I'm crying so loud. It feels like there was something hit my mind, sound too much ? I think so. Then my grandma talked to me and somehow I stoped cry hahahaha I was feeling like a child. In the night I was hving a stooped chitchat with him AGAIN !

7th day, it was a Saturday I'd a last test in SMA 2 CIMAHI. That was a psikotest from UPI. Ouch there was too many question I was feeling unwell, and because it, I forgot to take my test card. So I cried cause I thought that I lost that card. And it was a cruel day for me, beside I forgot to take my card, I lost my chitchat friend too, I dunno the reason why but it was my last day that I could chitchat with him.

Hooosh BANDUNG ! you are amazing cause you can make me feel sooooooo happy, and can make me feel soooo sad in the same time. But whatever you are I'm still lovin you as usually.

Heart ya,


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