Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Blabbering!

Hey here I come, I really can’t let my finger away from the keyboard, haha. Anyway, I;m gonna pay my promise in the note I write in my cellphone. So the note was like this:
Friday, September 07, 2012. It’s Dawn.
I should say…. Thanks GOD It’s Friday! I really lovelovalove Friday… Tho I will have along day, but I love it. WHY? Simply, because I can smell holiday. Anyway I woke up so early, Thanks to God this week I got my sleep schedule well, not like last week. And Alhamdulillah when I woke up in 2AM I said that I wont sleep again haha. I just take a novel beside me, I takle the easy one to reach, so I read “With You” by Christian Simamora and Oryzuka. I love the second story anyway, and yeah it’s good to read on your weekend, if you get bored with Integral or Algebra :P
On 4AM, I choe to get out of my room to have sahur. It such a rare moment when I can have sahur alone, Because. hehehe :P
So I opened the door, turn on the light on family room, get my slippery on—it feel so COMFY! But should to KNOW it’s a promotion thing for medicine product. I chose just to eat choc cake, but it spoiled already, pretty nice huh?
 So I eat rice in pisin—the way Sundanese called a small plate—then I washed dishes, pretty cool rite? I could even wash dishes and it before 04:30.
Then, I cleaned up my room, prepare  school stuff and then I pray Maghrib.

Ehm. Should continue it later, after I come back home. Time to take a bath! C’mooooooooooooon!

hehe after write a note in my cellphone, I went to school, and along my way to school, I read “Habibie&Ainun”  It’s a really good book to read. J [Anyway, from now on, I began liking a self improvement book, like biography, autobiography, and travelling book—the true story one, of course—hehe it gave me a lot of new perception and of course gimme more knowledge.
Then, when I arrived in my class, I began to blabbering with my friends, haha ladies things, you know. Unt5il Cindy came to me, “Muth! Look at this!” and……..TADA She gave my the sketch of my face that Azhar made for me. Hahaha, yeawh I got a assignment to make a sketch of my own face. Then, shortly I lost my glasses I was looking for it like a foolish one, haha. And seems like God want to give me another surprise, Allah gave me monthly gift—period. It hurted much much much much.Then when the bell rang, I just straightly to go to Warnet to look for my glasses and I found it! Yuhuuu, then I went to the courses.
Enough is enough. Time to sleep :D

Friday love,


PS: nonton TV jam segini jadi liat banyak iklan rokok yang nampilin travelling. 

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