Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello! It’s been a while since my last  post with “my personal life” tag. And something happened to me. Haha. Got hospitalized and another surgery! Hiii I hope it will be my last surgery, beside I give birth someday :)
It was tonsillectomy, yep mostly known as operasi amandel. Well, the surgery took (approximately) 1.5 Hours. Yep it was longer than my first surgery (appendix), and I got fully anesthesia. The doctor said to me that I was having a bleeding during the surgery. Ah it scared me a lot! And well it felt hurter, and I was so nervous. I didn’t know why, maybe because it was the second and I already knew what did happen to my body when I had such a surgery.
I had an allergic, just hours before the surgery . wohoo as I guessed, I got a lot of anti-allergic injection. Then, I said. “I wont have skin test , will i?” and just like Abracadabra, the nurse came and did a skin test on left hand, IT WAS THE HURTEST! 
After the surgery done, my Mom came to Observ Room (A room for patient who just had a surgery) when I was Observ Room, she said, that I vomit a lot, and it’s bleed. But I didn’t realize, evenuntil now I don’t remember. I only remember the time when I awake, my father was cleaning my face. And my nose with a tissue full of blood. Yes, the first thing I saw when I woke up is,  Full of Blood Tissue!
It’s been a week after the surgery, but I still on my recovery phase. Yeah, I cant eat, I cant sing, I cant scream :( but I lost some kilos of my weight :) There’s always a sunshine after the storm hehehe .
What should I write, then? Hmm im so sleepy rite now. Maybe I’ll write another story tomorrow.

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