Sunday, May 12, 2013

Her Sunny Side GIVEAWAY!

Hey! I'm really excited to write this post!
You know I'm huge fans of Book, and Penerbit Haru is one of my favorite publisher, because of the most genre.
The current Penerbit Haru book is Her Sunny Side, and It's Japanese novel which had been translated to Bahasa Indonesia. The book was so interesting, i read the review from Kak Yuska blog, and moreover this book will be filmed, and release on October, and will be starring by Ueno Juri, one of my favorite Japanese actress.
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But top of the top is that Kak Yuska--beside, just write the review she also makes a giveaway for this book, instead.
I'm so excited, because i really want to read this novel, since it will be my first Japanese novel.

So guys if you wanna try your luck, you can click the link below, and join the giveaway from Kak Yuska's blog.  Goodluck!

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